Proposal for Training: Building the New Model

Proposal for Training: Building the New Model

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The need for better education seems to be essential for fixing the majority of issues that democratic societies might experience such as discontent, disappointment, and anger with their leaders. The main obstacle is how to get this education model to the citizens so they can be well informed when voting for their representatives. This chapter proposes a way to do it by studying the feasibility, dates, spaces, and content of that training proposal. Nevertheless, this might not be the only option, and possibly not the optimal one, to introduce it in democratic societies; however, it is a good way to start presenting new concepts to the voters so they can get a better understanding before voting.
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Preparing The Vote To Be An Effective Weapon

It is clear that the initiative of creating meaningful and strong votes has to come from regular people. And this is the key of the act of responsibility. Then, if societies are willing to be prepared and trained for voting, they must be free to do so, the same way as when they rather remain untrained and unprepared. The choice must be for the citizens. Thus, the first step should be an honest auto exam. Are we thinking we are well prepared to choose our government when we have never been trained in politics? If one concludes that more information is necessary to be able to know exactly what to vote, then there is an imperative need for improving political, economic and social knowledge to know for sure what to vote. And so a proper training program aimed at political and economic governance would be necessary.

A first step is to include this content in all schools starting in the first years of mandatory education, because including this training from the very beginning of obligatory education automatically promotes a change to a more educated society. It is logical to require that voters of tomorrow must learn and assume the responsibility today. Nevertheless, while this is a long term action, to solve the problem in the short term training for all voters must begin today.

In order to accomplish this, responsibility with ourselves is required. As a result, it seems an indisputable benefit, not only personal but also for the entire society. Someone who admits that they are not trained enough to decide has two options.

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    Claiming for training or

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    Deciding not to be trained.

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