SensFloor® and NaviFloor®: Large-Area Sensor Systems beneath Your Feet

SensFloor® and NaviFloor®: Large-Area Sensor Systems beneath Your Feet

Axel Steinhage (Future-Shape GmbH, Germany) and Christl Lauterbach (Future-Shape GmbH, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-857-5.ch003


The second system serves for localizing moving objects such as robots, wheelchairs or hospital beds by means of RFID tags in the floor. In the following, we describe the technical details of the two systems and possible applications.
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System Description

The SensFloor® system integrates a grid of capacitive sensor plates and microelectronic modules into a textile composite underlay by using a roll-to-roll manufacturing process that can be combined with the textile manufacturing process itself.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Embedded Receiver: Small devices that plug into a wall outlet and receive and process the sensor data from the SensFloor directly without the use of an external PC

Capacitive Proximity Sensors: Detectors which remotely measure the change of the electric field induced by objects or body parts

Position Estimation: Determining the position of an object based on either internal or external information

Trajectory: Movement path of walking people reconstructed from the sensor signals

Activity Monitoring: Continuously measuring behaviourally relevant parameters of people with the aim to detect changes of their state of health

SensFloor: Textile underlay with built-in wireless capacitive sensors for locating people indoor

Textile-Electronics-Integration: Mechanically embedding microelectronics into textile material and contacting it electrically

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL): Research field for evaluating technology and services to allow elderly or people in need of care to stay longer in their private homes instead of moving to nursery homes

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