Skills, Attributes, and Practices that Enhance Sustained Learning

Skills, Attributes, and Practices that Enhance Sustained Learning

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Computing And Information Technology Skills

Learning today requires an effective use of computing and information technology. As such, learners should be techno-literate in order to effectively and successfully participate in the learning process (Bryce, Frigo, McKenzie, & Withers, 2002; Bryce & Wither, 2003). With the knowledge, rich environment available on-line and in print, learners should be able to access, select, and subject information to a critical analysis. Computing and information technology provide the learner with varied and extensive learning resources and material (Newton, Marcella, Maclennan, & Middleton, 1998) and exposure to different viewpoints at student’s convenience.

Technologies that are commonly used to enhance learning include course websites, CD-Roms, textbook online learning centers and companion websites, podcasts, blogs, wikis, classroom presentation programs, and individual response technology (clickers) (Feldman, 2011). These technologies enhance learning by providing students the opportunity to share their insights, participate actively in learning, work collaboratively with other students, and view information at their convenience.

Computer-assisted instruction such as simulations provides a rich learning experience since learners can replicate real life situations during their learning process. Furthermore, multimedia software employs a variety of techniques in content presentation and this ensures that learners with different learning styles are accommodated in the learning process. Similarly, videos and audios provide students with real life experiences and this helps learners to connect with materials being presented, while the ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, expertise, and continents exposes students to the diverse perspective of issues. Thus, technology helps students become well informed in a variety of aspects and as such, students should be highly skilled in computing and information technology for a meaningful learning experience.

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