Story Mapping in Primary Education

Story Mapping in Primary Education

Aikaterini Apostolopoulou (University of the Aegean, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3053-4.ch017


According to the twenty-first century skills framework and the outcomes of the School on the Cloud European Network, education engages new dynamic learning environments with the use of Web2.0 tools and Cloud Computing. This chapter presents the implementation of a story mapping project in geography classes during the last year of Primary School. Sixth grade pupils worked in groups and created an online map with ArcGIS Online of the major straits and seas of the world. They selected a web mapping application and created a map journal embedding presentations with narrative texts and images. The purpose of the project was the development of map reading abilities and spatial thinking and the creation of content selecting appropriate web tools. The strong engagement of pupils in the project and the produced maps indicate that online story mapping is a useful tool in geography education that combines and promotes spatial and digital literacy.
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Teaching And Learning

In order to appreciate the role of Cloud computing in discussing and presenting the story mapping project, it is necessary to examine the evolution of the educational approaches that established the importance of spatial thinking that benefits from the use of maps, which in turn can support Geography education.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Story Mapping: Is the process of combining online, digitalized, dynamic web maps with story elements (i.e., text, title, legend, popup and other visuals), based on GIS platforms. Its aim is to formulate efficient and effective tools in order to achieve educational objectives.

Spatial Thinking: It supports a better understanding of our position in the world, acts as a useful tool for analyzing interactions between nature and society and fosters critical thinking, spatial citizenship and responsible social action. Spatial thinking is considered one of the basic skills taught in compulsory education, along with language skills, mathematics and science.

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