Technological Impact on Educational System and Societal Influence

Technological Impact on Educational System and Societal Influence

Abayomi Ayodeji Adedokun (Fisyom Educational, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9746-9.ch015
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The technology use has been an enormous factor in educational development all over the globe. Despite technological constraints in many developing countries, emphasis on technology use cannot but be referenced. There has been a pattern of technology use and integration in many colleges, but the passion for technology use has not been completely appraised by all the stakeholders. Obviously, technology use can positively and negatively affect student learning. However, control over negative uses of technology rests in the hand of both parents and teachers. Apparently, technology use in today's educational system should create an atmosphere that fosters creativity among the students.
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In today technological world, teaching and learning process has experience a new move than it used to be. Governments are now making different positive decisions and policies to make the use of technology in education a unique and generally acceptable tool in educational setting. The use of personal devices that has become one of the personal mobile properties has been encouraged in many of the America schools as to increase the technology use. Many school districts found it more economical by allowing students in their schools to bring their own devices to school (Kiger & Herro, 2015). Studies have established it that students are more efficient and confident in using their own technological devices (Riedel, 2014). The authorization of BYOD in schools are now transforming the class learning to more creative environment where teacher are now collaborator than enforcer of learning content. Learning has been simplify and can be carried all about without learner been hindered whenever he/she felt learning needs to take place (ION, 2015). Talking about technology use in educational setting, the facts still remains that human roles cannot be substituted for technology alone and the use of technology is not hundred percent effective since it still depends on been properly used according to manufacturer specifications.

Kelm 2011 mentioned that despite many faculty members not accepting the importance of technology use and integration in teaching learning process, the vacuum of not using technology for productive reasons would still be hanging. Using technology in productive manner with the guardian of the teacher always brings creativity that help students to be in control of their study (Micheal, 2015). Although, there are different technologies that can advance development, the use of such to facilitate meaningful engagement in learning and societal values depends on reasons why such technologies is being used and what intended to derived from using them.

Background of the Study

It has been noticed that people talked more about the negative aspect of the technology than the good side of it. Moreover, up till today the perception of people towards technology use are not encouraging. Many people use to address technology itself to be social media or as tools use in office. The impact of technology in our lives cannot be overemphasized. Technology use has help academic advancement in so many ways in advance countries, which many of us are beneficiary of it and taking it to high level to produce more results that are favorable has not been encourage in many African countries.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to establish the impact of technology on education and how it influence society at large. The facts still remains that man makes the technology, and if not use and guide in proper way can result in negative effect (Martinez & McGrath, 2014). Technology has its good, bad, and ugly sides. However, the proper use will depend on parents, teachers, and government effort toward effective use to produce desire results (Adiat, Ahmad, & Ghazali, 2013). Every productive society shows their worth by what they produce, and any successful students demonstrate how good they are by their results. The good aspect of technology are more than the bad, and the ugly aspect of it need to be addressed by the people (society). As a result, this study will establish the success of using technology of social media in teaching and learning process.

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