Textbook Theory: The Vertex of the Conceptual Pyramid

Textbook Theory: The Vertex of the Conceptual Pyramid

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2672-9.ch004
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Textbook theory seems to be at the farthest level from the most abstract categories, and it is repeatedly associated with in the current study. The connection of the principal fundamental categories of invariance and binarism are not even superficially traced to the traditional textbook theory inventory. The numerous conceptions of predication predominantly deal with its logical frames. The aim of the chapter is to explicate some hidden links between the levels of the conceptual vertical. The idea of invariance is embodied by the continuous iteration of binary predicative units originally incompressible in terms of their constituents and structure. Binary opposition is the category indissolubly active at every stage of speech generation. There have been found four functional patterns produced by a particular predicative operation. Each pattern correlates with all types of speech but to various extents, accenting some of them. They are parallel transfer, inverse transformation, convergent or divergent pivot structuring, and zooming.
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I see a mind because new meaning is able to articulate and take root through me. A. Carsetti

The question might arise as to whether establishing the predicative binary unit a measure or a building block of L2 acquisition is justified. Is it really more efficient than other formations such as words, phrases or sentences / propositions? There are two prime arguments giving substance to the compounds under consideration. First, the predicative binary unit consolidates the values of the items mentioned above. Second, it possesses the highest degree of the involvement of the learner in the process of acquisition.

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