The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Search Engine: Super Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Search Engine: Super Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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In an aim to improve search engine results, AI interferes to boost it. Thus, this chapter investigates the impact of artificial intelligence on search engine. It includes the most advanced techniques of artificial intelligence that improve search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. In order not to fall in the hassle of having no ranking for your website, artificial intelligence can uplift a website position in the search engine. It is important to state that the growth of SEO has an integral role in digital marketing through AI. Moreover, the obtained results in research studies approve that the integration of artificial intelligence is vital for the progress of search engines.
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1. What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is mainly associated with the intelligent tasks that a computer does. Artificial intelligence (AI) is known as a machine that is able to understand the human language (Ertel, 2017). Additionally, it can solve many problems in computers. Specifically, it has solutions for many problems associated with human language. Artificial intelligence enables computers to work similar to the level of humans and even higher than that; in other words, it surpasses human beings. To add more, “autonomous robots” is an integral part of AI (Ertel, 2017).

Additionally, Rich indicates that the high intelligence of machine lies in its knowledge in the top linguistic level, mainly pragmatics. To specify more, it can excel in the understanding of a sentence beyond the literal meaning (Ertel, 2017). In addition, it is capable of controlling data of all types and solving any problem (Copeland, 2022). Through artificial intelligence, a computer can get big data in order to be analyzed and manipulated (Copeland, 2022). To add more, the escalating of World Wide Web paves the way for artificial intelligence to operate data (Tecuci, 2012).

It is said that “Much of the power of an intelligent agent derives from the knowledge in its knowledge base. A main goal of the knowledge acquisition and machine learning research is precisely to enable an agent to acquire or learn this knowledge from a user, from input data, or from agent’s own problem-solving experience” (Tecuci, 2012, p. 8). It is noteworthy to say that Natural Language Processing is a part of Artificial Intelligence that has a great role in the progress of search engine (Copeland, 2022).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Artificial Intelligence: The machines are the programmed to mimic human activities and their actions.

Crawling: It means that when search engines search for content that lead them to another web pages.

Search Engine Optimization: It is the process of obtaining high visibility of your website in the search engine.

NLP: Natural language processing.

Algorithms: An algorithm is a process used to carry out a computation or solve a problem.

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