A Tool for Fuzzy Reasoning and Querying

A Tool for Fuzzy Reasoning and Querying

Geraldo Xexéo (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and André Braga (IBM Brazil, Brazil)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 26
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-853-6.ch015
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We present CLOUDS, which stands for C++ Library Organizing Uncertainty in Database Systems, a tool that allows the creation of fuzzy reasoning systems over classic, nonfuzzy, relational databases. CLOUDS can be used in three flavors: CLOUDS API, a C++ API; CLOUDS-L, a compiled language; and CLOUDSQL, a fuzzy extension to SQL queries (ANSI, 1992). It was developed using the objectoriented paradigm and has an extensible architecture based on a main control system that manages different models, and runs queries and commands defined in them. As a test, it was incorporated into a geographic information system and used to analyze epidemiological data.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Solution Variable: In CLOUDS, a solution variable is a linguistic variable that appears in the consequent part of an IF-THEN rule.

CLOUDS-L: The command language of CLOUDS that can be directly translated to API commands.

GIS: Geographic Information Systems. Systems that usually allow the user to manipulate data that is georeferenced and present it using maps.

CLOUDSQL: The SQL-like interface of CLOUDS.

Linguistic Term: A subjective value that can be attributed to a linguistic variable, such as “young” and “mature” for “age.”

API: Application Programming Interface. A source-code interface that a software library provides for programmers to call within their programs and access its services.

Linguistic Variable: A variable, or label, that represents some characteristic of an element, such as “age” for persons or “temperature” for water. It is a variable that takes words, known as linguistic terms, as values. See a formal definition in the first pages of this chapter.

Design Pattern: A design pattern (Gamma, 1995) is a design structure that solves a recurrent problem in some area, such as programming.

CLOUDS: C++ Library Organizing Uncertainty in Database Systems. A library and user interface that act as a fuzzy front-end to a relational database management system.

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