Video Surveillance System Design

Video Surveillance System Design

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A video surveillance system design requires making decisions that demand knowledge of basic options and the rationale for selecting from different ones available on the market. One needs to face making the following key decisions: choosing the best video surveillance companies, camera types, camera connection to video management system, video management system types, storage type, video analytics type, surveillance video display, and integrating video with other systems.
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1. Choosing The Best Video Surveillance Companies

The right choice of installed video surveillance system enables to the company that needs video surveillance system and its employees to be safer from the theft, accidents and vandalism.

Cooperation with the best video surveillance companies assists one to design a video surveillance system based on the company’s needs – from a single video camera and monitor to more complex video surveillance system.

The most important characteristics of the best video surveillance companies are (Honovich, 2011):

  • 1.

    Long and rich experience.

  • 2.

    Resources to handle specific and more serious issues.

  • 3.

    Previous experience with similar companies.

  • 4.

    Open to on-site visits to their facilities and exposure of the way they operate.

  • 5.

    Complete demonstration and education about the equipment’s functions.

  • 6.

    List of references that can be contacted.

  • 7.

    Installation of the video system in the guaranteed time frame.

  • 8.

    All the prices and installation details contained in the contract.

It is crucial to make a research on several different video surveillance companies, interview them and compare their offers before the final decision is made. This procedure will enable identification and cooperation with the best video surveillance company that offers all the desired features and services at the adequate price.

Experience is one of the most important virtues that should be required from a video surveillance company. Long lasting experience is a strong indicator of how reliable and stable the searched company will be in the long term. Only several years of experience in installing video surveillance systems for various companies can be a guaranty that the chosen video surveillance company will be able to balance considerations about wiring, lighting, and optics. Also it is important to know that the provider will be active in future in case that problems with the installed video surveillance system occur or upgrade of the present system is needed as company grows.

It is also important to note that the best video surveillance companies have the resources to handle specific and more serious issues. They will visit the location to make its analysis and determine exact video surveillance requirements needed for that particular setting. Based on the performed detailed research and rich experience they will recommend the appropriate equipment and features that would be the most adequate.

The best video surveillance companies will be capable of providing a high quality installation.

They will also train and educate the employees how to operate with the equipment. Finally they will provide the detailed documentation for all the installed equipment.


2. Camera Types

Cameras represent the main input into the video surveillance system and the following is relevant to them:

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