Virtual Community of Learning Object Repository

Virtual Community of Learning Object Repository

Gilliean Lee
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In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for innovative ways of delivering education, which led to a more personalized, flexible, and portable learning (Zhang et al., 2004). The use of the Internet to support the needs for learning is commonly referred to as “elearning.”

Key Terms in this Chapter

Blog: A blend of the terms Web and log, leading to Web log, and finally blog. A Web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles, most often in reverse chronological order (From

Community Manager: A person in a VCLOR that directs the VCLOR to function. He/She is responsible for community establishment, membership management, hosting community events, etc.

Virtual Community of Learning Object Repository (VCLOR): A virtual community where the shared goal or purpose of the community members is maintaining a successful learning object repository by creating, providing, evaluating and utilizing learning objects.

Wiki: “Wiki wiki” means “super fast” in the Hawaiian language. Wiki represents the speed of creating and updating pages that is one of the defining aspects of Wiki technology. Generally, there is no prior review before modifications are accepted, and most Wikis are open to the general public or at least to all persons who also have access to the Wiki server. A Wiki enables documents to be authored collectively in a simple markup language using a web browser (MoodleDocs, 2006).

E-Learning: The use of Internet and WWW to support the needs for learning.

Virtual Community: A virtual organization and its space formed by a group of people with common interests or goals to share ideas, information, and experience.

Learning Object (LO): LO is a reusable and self-contained learning material with an associated learning objective. The learning materials can be content, practice, and/or assessment in the format that can be delivered using the Internet.

Learning Object Repository: A system where LOs and/or their metadata are stored, searched, and accessed. Generally, it is in the form of Web portal where users can submit and search learning objects.

Content Evaluator: A person in a VCLOR that examines the LOs submitted for review and assigns rating and comments to them.

Content Provider: A person in a VCLOR that creates and submits LOs to the community’s learning object repository, and makes them accessible to other members of VCLOR

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