Virtual Magnifier-Based Image Resolution Enhancement

Virtual Magnifier-Based Image Resolution Enhancement

Lung-Chun Chang, Yueh-Jyun Lee, Hui-Yun Hu, Yu-Ching Hsu, Yi-Syuan Wu
Copyright: © 2013 |Pages: 8
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006
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To obtain high resolution images, some low resolution images must be processed and enhanced. In the literature, the mapping from the low resolution image to the high resolution image is a linear system and it is only enlarged by an integer scale. This paper presents a real scaling algorithm for image resolution enhancement. Using a virtual magnifier, an image resolution can be enhanced by a real scale number. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm has a high quality for the enlarged image in the human visual system.
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Imaging Model

In the optics, the trace of a ray of light is a straight line. When the ray passes through a medium, the rule of the refraction is followed by the Snell's Law (Jenkins & White, 1976; Meyer-Arendt, 1989; Pedrotti & Pedrotti, 1987) and the Snell's Law is defined below.

Law of Refraction (Snell's Law) (Pedrotti & Pedrotti, 1987): When a ray of light is refracted at an in978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m01 and 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m02 denote the incident angle and the refraction angle, respectively, 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m03 and 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m04 denote the two media with refractive indices. Figure 1 shows a ray of light passing from medium 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m05 into a optically denser medium 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m06 where N is a normal line. According to the Snell's Law, an object M with height h is located at the left side of the lens and passes through the lens, then the imaging object 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m07 with height 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m08 is formed on the right side of the lens (see Figure 2). In Figure 2, 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m09 and 978-1-4666-2928-8.ch006.m10 denote the left spherical surface and the right spherical surface of the lens, respectively.

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