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What is Creative Economy

Handbook of Research on the Facilitation of Civic Engagement through Community Art
A term used in global economics to describe direct, indirect, and induced jobs within creative industries that include entertainment, fashion, publishing, cultural institutions, and arts education.
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Art Empowering At-Risk and Opportunity Youth: A Case Study of artworxLA
Denise A. Gray (artworxLA, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1727-6.ch015
artworxLA is an arts education organization with the mission to combat the epidemic high school dropout crisis. Based in Los Angeles where nearly 16,000 high school students drop out each year, a key strategy in re-engaging at-risk and opportunity youth is through art. Through partnerships with Los Angeles County schools and with the region's key cultural institutions, youth are motivated to learn and stay in school through the use of progressive teaching and learning methodologies that have proven to be effective for this community. The teaching methodology of artworxLA uses a concept-based curriculum with inquiry discussion and other interactive participatory modes of learning. The key principles of experience, engagement, relevance, and authenticity guide teaching artists to leading dynamic learning experiences that empower youth to become more civically engaged and to reclaim their futures.
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Novel Forms of Consumption in the Postmodern Era
The creative economy encompasses industries that are based on individual creativity, skill, and talent. These industries have the potential to create wealth and jobs through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.
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The Trial of Traditional Turkish Culture With the Auto-Orientalist Cultural Industry
The economic system that determines the dynamics that shape the creation, production, distribution, distribution and consumption of goods and services produced by cultural creative sectors.
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Social Creativity
A collective term encompassing a wide range of activities across thirteen sectors, namely: advertising, architecture, the arts and antiques market, crafts, design, designer fashion, film, leisure software, music, the performing arts, publishing, software, and television and radio ( Andres & Round, 2015 ). It is considered to be an important economic sector, especially in regard to SMEs.
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Creative Clusters of Urbanized Cities as a Factor for Increasing Global Economic Efficiency
A combination of specific socioeconomic relations arising from production, distribution, exchange and consumption, based on the non-standard, non-traditional, un-copyable ideas, concepts, strategies, activities, providing an effective solution to social and economic problems on the basis of new knowledge, principally qualitative new solutions.
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Consumption of Artistic and Cultural Products in the Pandemic and the Influence of Technology: Evidence From Brazil
Set of activities based on human creativity and knowledge that obtain economic value from consumers, a range that encompass activities related to business and consumption, activities related to cultural expression, activities related to the media and activities related to technology.
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Cultural and Creative Industries in a VUCA World: Learnings Between Business, Economics, and Arts
Still an evolving concept which describe the economical behavior of a range of activities that have their origin in individual creative talent and who are the interface between culture, arts, design, sciences, technology, and innovation. Supported by the intellectual property exploitation, it has the potential to generate employment, contribute incomes to the GDP and raise international trade.
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Food, Rural Heritage, and Tourism in the Local Economy: Case Studies in Serbia, Romania, Italy, and Turkey
It is an interdisciplinary holistic concept that suggests the interactions between economy and creativity. It is that kind of economy where “people get money by capitalizing on their ideas and creative talent”, and “talent is the blood that fuels creative economy”. In creative economy, the source of competitive advantage is conferred by intangible assets (intellectual capital, knowledge, creativity and innovation). The creative economy is at the confluence of creativity, culture, economy, innovation and technology, bringing together three development vectors: creative people, creative communities and cultural-creative sectors.
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