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What is Nugget

Handbook of Research on Hydroinformatics: Technologies, Theories and Applications
A parameter of a covariance or semi-variogram model that represents independent error, measurement error and/or micro scale variation at spatial scales that is too fine to detect. The nugget effect is seen as a discontinuity at the origin of either the covariance or semi-variogram model.
Published in Chapter:
Using Geographic Information System to Infollow the Fertilizers Pollution Migration
Gehan A.H. Sallam (National Water Research Center, Egypt), Tahani Youssef (Helwan University, Egypt), Mohamed El-Sayed Embaby (National Water Research Center, Egypt), and Fatma Shaltot (Hellwan University, Egypt)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-907-1.ch023
In recent years, many countries have faced great challenges due to their limited water resources. According to these challenges, they have undertaken large scale projects to reuse agricultural drainage water in irrigation purpose. The Governments in these countries can enhance water management and sustainable development by adopting policies that enable them to meet water demands and supply management. Therefore, there is a need for unconventional methods to provide better tools for the assessment and management of water quality problems to adopt management policies and set the limits for sustainable drainage water reuse. The implementation of Geographic Information System (GIS) in this field offers an ideal tool for measurements with limited number of sampled points. Statistical analysis that can be provided within GIS is rapidly becoming an impressive tool for statistical analysis of continuous data. The main objective of this chapter is to discuss using GIS to in-follow the pollution caused by fertilizers migration to the water and the soil by applying statistical analysis within the GIS using geostatistical analyst. Geostatistical analyst is an extension of Arc Map™ that bridges the gap between geostatistics and GIS and provides a powerful collection of tools for the management and visualization of spatial data by applying Spatial Statistics.
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Modeling Learning Units by Capturing Context with IMS LD
Refers to small stand-alone learning objects, which can be combined with others to build larger units.
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Statistical Modelling and Analysis of the Computer-Simulated Datasets
(denoted by ) It is a small positive constant added to the diagonal of the correlation matrix to evade ill-conditioning in the near-singular matrices.
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