Handbooks of Research

About the Collection

Consisting of 1-3 volumes of careful examination, Handbooks of Research contain large chapters of exceptionally focused research. Containing at least 25 chapters, these incisive titles provide a comprehensive assessment on inclusive topics and present research methodologies that thoroughly describe the discipline of focus. These edited titles contain contributions from the world’s leading experts and offer well-rounded coverage of some of the most cutting-edge and trending concepts.

These forward-thinking titles are significant additions to libraries of every discipline due to their noteworthy descriptions regarding the newest emerging research. Academicians and researchers will greatly benefit from the informed summaries and conclusions that can be drawn from these titles.

Handbooks of Research Publications:

Handbook of Research on Methods and Tools for Assessing Cultural Landscape Adaptation
Isabel de Sousa Rosa (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Joana Corte Lopes (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Ricardo Ribeiro (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Ana Mendes (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 549 pages. $265.00
In a globalizing and expanding world, the need for research centered on analysis, representation, and management of landscape components has become critical. By prov...
Handbook of Research on Predictive Modeling and Optimization Methods in Science and Engineering
Dookie Kim (Kunsan National University, South Korea), Sanjiban Sekhar Roy (Vellore Institute of Technology University, India), Tim Länsivaara (Tampere University of Technology, Finland), Ravinesh Deo (University of Southern Queensland, Australia), Pijush Samui (National Institute of Technology Patna, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 576 pages. $355.00
The disciplines of science and engineering rely heavily on the forecasting of prospective constraints for concepts that have not yet been proven to exist, especially...
Handbook of Research on Psychosocial Perspectives of Human Communication Disorders
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India), Srinivasan Venkatesan (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $275.00
Communication is a key component of everyday life, but what happens when an individual is faced with a communication disorder? Today, the prevalence of individuals w...
Handbook of Research on Cross-Cultural Business Education
Chandan Maheshkar (University of Indore, India), Vinod Sharma (University of Indore, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 380 pages. $235.00
Due to the impact of globalization, business practices have been constantly evolving throughout the twenty-first century. Teachers and instructors are faced with the...
Handbook of Research on Student-Centered Strategies in Online Adult Learning Environments
Carlton J. Fitzgerald (New England College, USA), Simona Laurian-Fitzgerald (University of Oradea, Romania), Carmen Popa (University of Oradea, Romania)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 550 pages. $245.00
As traditional classroom settings are transitioning to online environments, teachers now face the challenge of using this medium to promote effective learning strate...
Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management for Contemporary Business Environments
Armando Malheiro (University of Porto, Portugal), Fernanda Ribeiro (University of Porto, Portugal), George Leal Jamil (Fumec University, Brazil), Jose Pocas Rascao (Polytechnic of Setubal, Portugal), Oscar Mealha (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Release Date: May 2018. Copyright © 2018. 450 pages. $295.00
Information is considered essential in every business model, which is why staying abreast of the latest resources can help combat many challenges and aid businesses...
Handbook of Research on Military Expenditure on Economic and Political Resources
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Release Date: May 2018. Copyright © 2018. 561 pages. $325.00
As many countries have increased their budgets to allow for newer technologies and a stronger military force, defense spending has become a popular debate topic arou...
Handbook of Research on Cloud and Fog Computing Infrastructures for Data Science
Pethuru Raj (IBM India, India), Anupama Raman (Societe Generale Global Solution Center, India)
Release Date: May 2018. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $245.00
Fog computing is quickly increasing its applications and uses to the next level. As it continues to grow, different types of virtualization technologies can thrust t...
Handbook of Research on Emerging Perspectives on Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics
Joseph Tan (McMaster University, Canada)
Release Date: May 2018. Copyright © 2018. 600 pages. $355.00
Over the decades, the fields of health information systems and informatics have seen rapid growth. Such integrative efforts within the two disciplines have resulted...
Handbook of Research on Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Development
Ulas Akkucuk (Bogazici University, Turkey)
Release Date: May 2018. Copyright © 2018. 440 pages. $265.00
The issue of sustainability has become a vital discussion in many industries within the public and private sectors. In the business realm, incorporating such practic...