Handbooks of Research

About the Collection

Consisting of 1-3 volumes of careful examination, Handbooks of Research contain large chapters of exceptionally focused research. Containing at least 25 chapters, these incisive titles provide a comprehensive assessment on inclusive topics and present research methodologies that thoroughly describe the discipline of focus. These edited titles contain contributions from the world’s leading experts and offer well-rounded coverage of some of the most cutting-edge and trending concepts.

These forward-thinking titles are significant additions to libraries of every discipline due to their noteworthy descriptions regarding the newest emerging research. Academicians and researchers will greatly benefit from the informed summaries and conclusions that can be drawn from these titles.

Handbooks of Research Publications:

Handbook of Research on Advanced Research Methodologies for a Digital Society
Gabriella Punziano (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Angela Delli Paoli (University of Salerno, Italy)
Release Date: December 2021. Copyright © 2022. 400 pages. $265.00
Doing research is an ever-changing challenge for social scientists. This challenge is harder than ever today as current societies are changing quickly and in many, s...
Handbook of Research on Big Data, Green Growth, and Technology Disruption in Asian Companies and Societies
Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos (The University of Oviedo, Spain), Xi Zhang (Tianjin University, China), Mohammad Nabil Almunawar (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei), José Emilio Labra Gayo (University of Oviedo, Spain)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 440 pages. $295.00
The business ecosystem within Asia is undergoing a transformation post COVID-19. Green issues, inclusion, and strategic disruptors in companies and economies have be...
Handbook of Research on the Platform Economy and the Evolution of E-Commerce
Myriam Ertz (LaboNFC, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Canada)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 415 pages. $295.00
In the past two decades, research on electronic commerce and platforms has thrived. Tremendous academic research has been conducted on this specific concept. Over th...
Handbook of Research on Management Techniques and Sustainability Strategies for Handling Disruptive Situations in Corporate Settings
Rafael Perez-Uribe (EAN University, Colombia), David Ocampo-Guzman (EAN University, Colombia), Nelson Antonio Moreno-Monsalve (Universidad EAN, Colombia), William Stive Fajardo-Moreno (Universidad EAN, Colombia)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 410 pages. $295.00
Faced with chaotic environments, it is not possible to make totally efficient forecasts, especially when it is necessary to analyze events with multiple variables an...
Handbook of Research on the Impacts and Implications of COVID-19 on the Tourism Industry
Mahmut Demir (Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Turkey), Ali Dalgıç (Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Turkey), Fatma Doğanay Ergen (Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Turkey)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 700 pages. $415.00
The tourism sector has been deeply affected particularly in economic terms by the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis has led to new practices and radical changes. Scient...
Handbook of Research on Teaching Diverse Youth Literature to Pre-Service Professionals
Danielle E. Hartsfield (University of North Georgia, USA)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 530 pages. $245.00
Perspectives and identity are typically reinforced at a young age, giving teachers the responsibility of selecting reading material that could potentially change how...
Handbook of Research on Supporting Social and Emotional Development Through Literacy Education
Jill Tussey (Buena Vista University, USA), Leslie Haas (Buena Vista University, USA)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 440 pages. $245.00
The social and emotional welfare of students in both K-12 and higher education settings has become increasingly important during the third decade of the 21st century...
Handbook of Research on Future of Work and Education: Implications for Curriculum Delivery and Work Design
Sunil Ramlall (Western Governors University, USA), Ted Cross (Western Governors University, USA), Michelle Love (Western Governors University, USA)
Release Date: October 2021. Copyright © 2022. 410 pages. $245.00
Higher education has changed significantly over time. In particular, traditional face-to-face degrees are being revamped in a bid to ensure they stay relevant in the...
Handbook of Research on Historical Pandemic Analysis and the Social Implications of COVID-19
Antonio Cortijo Ocaña (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA), Vicent Martines (University of Alicante, Spain)
Release Date: September 2021. Copyright © 2022. 405 pages. $245.00
The current health situation has been described as chaotic and devastating. Humanity’s trust in the future and in its human capacity to overcome a disaster of such m...
Handbook of Research on Information and Records Management in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Josiline Phiri Chigwada (Bindura University of Science Education, Bindura, Zimbabwe), Godfrey Tsvuura (Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe)
Release Date: September 2021. Copyright © 2022. 400 pages. $245.00
Information and records management has been an important part of society for establishing procedures to effectively manage information. As technology has increased i...