Handbooks of Research

About the Collection

Consisting of 1-3 volumes of careful examination, Handbooks of Research contain large chapters of exceptionally focused research. Containing at least 25 chapters, these incisive titles provide a comprehensive assessment on inclusive topics and present research methodologies that thoroughly describe the discipline of focus. These edited titles contain contributions from the world’s leading experts and offer well-rounded coverage of some of the most cutting-edge and trending concepts.

These forward-thinking titles are significant additions to libraries of every discipline due to their noteworthy descriptions regarding the newest emerging research. Academicians and researchers will greatly benefit from the informed summaries and conclusions that can be drawn from these titles.

Handbooks of Research Publications:

Handbook of Research on Green Engineering Techniques for Modern Manufacturing
M. Uthayakumar (Kalasalingam University, India), S. Aravind Raj (Kalasalingam University, India), Tae Jo Ko (Yeungnam University, South Korea), S. Thirumalai Kumaran (Kalasalingam University, India), J. Paulo Davim
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 380 pages. $275.00
Green manufacturing has developed into an essential aspect of contemporary manufacturing practices, calling for environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques....
Handbook of Research on TPACK in the Digital Age
Margaret L. Niess (Oregon State University, USA), Henry Gillow-Wiles (Oregon State University, USA), Charoula Angeli (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 300 pages. $255.00
The impact of digital technologies in education has called for teachers to be prepared to facilitate their students’ learning through communication, collaboration, c...
Handbook of Research on Field-Based Teacher Education
Thomas E. Hodges (University of South Carolina, USA), Angela C. Baum (University of South Carolina, USA)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 400 pages. $245.00
Teacher education is an evolving field with multiple pathways towards teacher certification. Due to an increasing emphasis on the benefits of field-based learning, t...
Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Marketing for Global Reach in the Digital Economy
Luisa Cagica Carvaulho (Universidade de Évora, Portugal), Pedro Isias (University of Queensland, Australia)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 555 pages. $365.00
The digital economy is a driver of change, innovation, and competitiveness for international businesses and organizations. Because of this, it is important to highli...
Handbook of Research on Curriculum Reform Initiatives in English Education
Christopher Denman (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman), Rahma Al-Mahrooqi (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 370 pages. $225.00
Different regions of the world are making increasing demands for educational reform, especially when institutions are dissatisfied with the level of proficiency of t...
Handbook of Research on School Violence in American K-12 Education
Gordon A. Crews (The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley, USA)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 500 pages. $275.00
In recent years, the United States has seen a vast increase in bloodshed stemming from violence within the education system. Understanding the underlying factors beh...
Handbook of Research on Science Literacy Integration in Classroom Environments
Chih-Che Tai (East Tennessee State University, USA), Renee M. R. Moran (East Tennessee State University, USA), Laura Robertson (East Tennessee State University, USA), Karin Keith (East Tennessee State University, USA), Huili Hong (Towson University, USA)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 410 pages. $235.00
Secondary schools are continually faced with the task of preparing students for a world that is more connected, advanced, and globalized than ever before. In order t...
Handbook of Research on the Adverse Effects of Pesticide Pollution in Aquatic Ecosystems
Khursheed Ahmad Wani (ITM University Gwalior, India), Mamta (Jiwaji University, India)
Release Date: October 2018. Copyright © 2019. 465 pages. $295.00
Certain types of pesticides are widely used in agriculture in all parts of the world due to their relatively low cost, broad spectrum of activity, and high efficienc...
Handbook of Research on Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and Governance in Higher Education
Suja R. Nair (Educe Micro Research, India), José Manuel Saiz-Álvarez (EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico)
Release Date: September 2018. Copyright © 2019. 597 pages. $285.00
Ethics, entrepreneurship, and governance are very essential and crucial for the sustainable development of institutions of higher education, especially in the face o...
Handbook of Research on E-Assessment in Higher Education
Ana Azevedo (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), José Azevedo (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)
Release Date: September 2018. Copyright © 2019. 525 pages. $235.00
E-assessments of students profoundly influence their motivation and play a key role in the educational process. Adapting assessment techniques to current technologic...