Ananda Mitra

Ananda MitraProfessor Ananda Mitra teaches courses in research methodology, the impact of new technologies on society, entrepreneurship and mass communication. He is the author of several books including "Digital DNA" which explores the ways in which digital networks are creating opportunities for producing individual digital identities through the use of narrative bits - narbs - a concept invented by Mitra.


Managing and Visualizing Unstructured Big Data
Ananda Mitra. © 2018. 12 pages.
One of the most common terms that is used in a significant amount of popular and scholarly discussion is “Big Data.” As pointed out earlier, the term has a dubious...
Collective Narrative Expertise and the Narbs of Social Media
Ananda Mitra. © 2013. 12 pages.
A fundamental epistemological question that has been the focus of much deliberation over time is: how do we know what we know? One of the answers to this question...
Narbs as a Measure and Indicator of Identity Narratives
Ananda Mitra. © 2012. 15 pages.
enumeration of these attributes of the narbs produce a narb weight and a narb matrix which can be examined numerically to provide a preliminary understanding of...