Anders D. Olofsson

Anders D. Olofsson is an Associate Professor, PhD, working at the Department of Education, Umeå University, Sweden. From a philosophical hermeneutical approach his research is aimed at understanding the meaning of social processes of teaching, learning and ethics in higher education contexts being embraced by educational technology. Over the years Dr. Olofsson has developed a deep research interest in the field of informed design of educational technology practices. He is the scientific leader for a research group titled LICT (Learning & ICT). In addition he is a teacher and researcher involved in several development- and research projects focused on educational technology in medical education. He has contributed with numerous book-chapters, journal articles and papers to conference proceedings on these specific topics. For example has Dr. Olofsson, together with Dr. J. Ola Lindberg, co-edited the book Online Learning Communities and Teacher Professional Development: Methods for Improved Educational Delivery.A list of publications may be found at


A Longitudinal Study of Facilitating Medical Students' Stepwise Transformation to Distance Learners
Fanny Pettersson, Anders D. Olofsson. © 2015. 40 pages.
This chapter focuses on medical students' experiences in transforming from face-to-face to distance learners in a Swedish regionalized medical program (RMP). One group of...
Informed Design of Educational Technologies in Higher Education: Enhanced Learning and Teaching
Anders D. Olofsson, J. Ola Lindberg. © 2012. 548 pages.
During the last decade, the Internet has driven some of the most significant changes in higher education. Since information and communication technologies (ICTs) impact how we...
Online Learning Communities and Teacher Professional Development: Methods for Improved Education Delivery
J. Ola Lindberg, Anders D. Olofsson. © 2010. 354 pages.
In today's society, the professional development of teachers is urgent due to the constant change in working conditions and the impact that information and communication...
An Ethical Perspective on ICT in the Context of the Other
Anders D. Olofsson, Ola J. Lindberg. © 2008. 16 pages.
The importance of incorporating an ethical perspective in the development of digital competence is discussed. It is argued that an ethical perspective that emphasise mutual...
Enhancing Phronesis: Bridging Communities Through Technology
Anders D. Olofsson, J. Oola Lindberg. © 2006. 27 pages.
In this chapter, the possibilities to use technology in order to improve the contextual and value-based dimensions in online distance-based teacher training in Sweden are...