Andreas Masouras

Dr. Andreas Masouras is Assistant Professor at Neapolis University in the fields of Marketing and Communication. He holds a PhD (Honors) from the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of the Peloponnese. The title of his doctoral dissertation is “Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness through the lens of the Institutional Analysis: The Case of Cyprus”. His doctoral thesis is posted in the National Archive of Doctoral Theses. Also, he holds an MPhil from Brighton University (Media Management). He is pursuing his postdoctoral research at the University of Western Macedonia in the field of entrepreneurship.


Real-World Tools and Scenarios for Entrepreneurship Exploration
Andreas Masouras, Sofia Anastasiadou, Anastasia Constantelou, Sotiris Apostolopoulos. © 2024. 300 pages.
Entrepreneurship, a dynamic force driving economic growth and innovation, faces multifaceted challenges in today's global landscape. Small firms, vital for economic diversity...
Global Developments in Nation Branding and Promotion: Theoretical and Practical Approaches
Andreas Masouras, Sofia Daskou, Victoria Pistikou, Dimitrios Dimitriou, Tim Friesner. © 2023. 324 pages.
By taking corporate marketing concepts and applying them to countries, nation branding is a way for these regions to enhance their reputations and project a desired image for...
Sustainable Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Venture Tourism and Regional Development
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Tourism entrepreneurship is a social and economic process that is encouraged by national systems. Entrepreneurs must be able to act strategically and develop competencies to...
Managing Successful and Ethical Organizational Change
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In the face of rapid economic developments, globalization, and technological advancements, organizations must adapt to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Managing Successful...
Handbook of Research on Future Policies and Strategies for Nation Branding
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By taking corporate marketing concepts and applying it to countries, “nation branding” is a way for these regions to enhance their reputations and project a desired image for...
Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation in Family Businesses and SMEs
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Entrepreneurship is very important for both entrepreneurs and economic development. It helps boost innovation and competitiveness in every country and facilitates the creation of...