Binod Gurung

Binod Gurung is a College Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University, USA. He has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with specializations in educational learning technologies and multicultural education/critical pedagogies. His research interests focus in student digital engagement, online multicultural education, and emerging pedagogies that incorporate technologies, particularly Web 2.0, social media, cloud computing, MOOCs, and free and open source tools.


Binod Gurung, Marohang Limbu. © 2017. 9 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Integration of Cloud Technologies in Digitally Networked Classrooms and Learning Communities.
3Ds of Integrating Cloud Technologies into Classrooms: Digital Identity, Competencies, and Self-Efficacy
Binod Gurung. © 2017. 17 pages.
Cloud technologies offer many pedagogical possibilities for collaboration, ubiquitous learning, and documenting student engagement activities through learning analytics among...
Emerging Pedagogies in the Networked Knowledge Society: Practices Integrating Social Media and Globalization
Marohang Limbu, Binod Gurung. © 2014. 352 pages.
Since the dawn of the digital era, the transfer of knowledge has shifted from analog to digital, local to global, and individual to social. Complex networked communities are a...
Emerging Pedagogies in the Networked Knowledge Communities
Binod Gurung. © 2014. 24 pages.
This chapter presents the conceptual and theoretical aspects of emerging pedagogies in the Networked Knowledge Communities (NKCs). The author looks into the notions of networked...
Transformative Multicultural Engagement on a Web 2.0 Interface: Forging a Multicultural Education 2.0
Binod Gurung, Rudolfo Chávez Chávez. © 2011. 32 pages.
This chapter discusses theoretical underpinnings, contradictions, opportunities, and challenges of pursuing online critical multicultural education engagement through Web 2.0...