Catarina Delgado

Catarina Delgado , Ph.D., is an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto (FEP.UP), and a researcher at CEF.UP and LIAAD/ INESC TEC. Her research interests are primarily in the areas of responsible consumers, responsible e-commerce, sustainable and responsible supply chains, ecotourism, ESG/ CSR disclosure, quality management/ kaizen/ lean six sigma, and scientometrics. Her teaching focus is on Operations and Logistics (operations management, supply chain management, operational research), Quality Management and Continuous Improvement (Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma), and Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting. Author of the book “Supply Chain Social Sustainability for Manufacturing” (Springer, 2020), her academic work has been published in several leading international scientific journals, such as Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Production Economics, Sustainability, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, JASIST, Informetrics, Scientometrics, and Social Responsibility Journal.


Intra-Hospital Virtual Communities and Well-Being of Cancer Patients: Impact of Features on Healthcare Relationships
Ricardo Jorge Silva, Paulo Botelho Pires, Catarina Delgado, José Duarte Santos. © 2024. 24 pages.
The use of social media in health is emerging as a means of bringing the various actors together with several benefits. In the specific case of cancer disease, these tools can...
Purchase Intention of Sustainable Fashion: The Relationship With Price
Paulo Botelho Pires, Cláudia Filipa Silva Morais, Catarina Delgado, José Duarte Santos. © 2024. 17 pages.
In today's world, the idea of sustainable fashion is gaining traction. Finding a link between pricing and the purchase of sustainable clothes is the aim of this study....
Determinants of Purchase Intention for Sustainable Fashion: Conceptual Model
Cláudia Filipa Silva Morais, Paulo Botelho Pires, Catarina Delgado. © 2023. 21 pages.
Social media has become a crucial point for brands to establish a connection with their consumers and potential consumers, being many times responsible for developing the need...
Assessing Customer Interactions With Chatbots in Online Shopping Experiences: An Empirical Study
Ana Isabel Torres, Catarina J. M. Delgado. © 2023. 21 pages.
Chatbots are website artificial intelligence-based and automated customer support tools to improve the customer experience, to reduce costs, and to improve service quality. This...
Green Cosmetics: Determinants of Purchase Intention
Ana Catarina Rodrigues, Paulo Botelho Pires, Catarina Delgado, José Duarte Santos. © 2023. 27 pages.
This study examined the determinants of purchase intention of green cosmetics, and eight semi-structured interviews were performed to identify them. The determinants identified...
Intention to Purchase Sustainable Fashion: Influencer and Worth-of-Mouth Determinants
Cláudia Filipa Morais, Paulo Botelho Pires, Catarina Delgado, José Duarte Santos. © 2023. 26 pages.
There is a recognized need to study sustainability in fashion. Several studies have documented the determinants that influence fashion purchase intention. However, the...