Cláudia Ribeiro de Almeida

Cláudia Ribeiro de Almeida is Professor of Tourism at School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism of the University of Algarve. She is the Tourism Course Director since 2017. She holds a PhD and a Post Doctoral Degree in Tourism (University of Aveiro), a MA in Total Quality Management (Universidade Politécnica da Cataluña) and a BSc in Marketing (University of Algarve). Cláudia Ribeiro de Almeida's current research interests include Air transport & Tourism dynamics; Second home tourism and Decision making process. She is a member of the Research Centre for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-Being (CinTurs) of University of Algarve. She is a member of several research projets. Professor Cláudia is reviewer of several national and international journals.


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This Preface is included in the book Handbook of Research on Cultural Tourism and Sustainability.
A New Framework for Tourism Sustainability and Its Prototyping in Pilot Areas: Insights From BEST MED Testing Phase
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This chapter highlights the research-action practices developed under the Phase 4 of the Interreg BEST MED Project (Beyond European Sustainable Tourism Med Path, Grant Number...
Favela Tour Experience: The Impacts in the Host Communities
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Tourism performed in slums has been raising the interest of researchers and generating controversial opinions regarding its objectives. For this reason, the present study aims to...
Handbook of Research on Social Media Applications for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
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Tourists frequently rely on social networks to provide information about a product or destination as a decision support tool to make adequate decisions in the process of planning...
Handbook of Research on the Impacts, Challenges, and Policy Responses to Overtourism
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In recent years, the increasing number of tourists traveling to specific urban and resort destinations has caused challenges for the effective management of tourism in these...
Airline Business Models and Tourism Sector
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The new century brought innovation, creative business environments, and above all, new competitors to some sectors. One of them is the airline sector that besides being very...
Deepening the Use of Social Media and Tourism Travel Behaviour
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The Internet has transformed people's daily lives, not only in the search of information but above all giving the possibility of buying several products and services in a...