David V. Tolliver

David V. Tolliver, III, is a doctoral candidate in Public Policy with a specialization in Higher Education at the University of Arkansas. He currently holds an SREB Doctoral Fellowship, and previously taught public school in Louisiana and served in the US Air Force. He is also the co-author of Student Activism as a Vehicle for Change on College Campuses. His academic research focuses on the access, retention, and completion of African American men in college.


Exploring the Technological, Societal, and Institutional Dimensions of College Student Activism
Michael T. Miller, David V. Tolliver. © 2019. 303 pages.
Social demonstrations that take place on university campuses have profound effects on students as well as the environments in which those students live and learn. These...
Faculty and Student Activism: Parallel Courses or Divergent Paths?
David V. Tolliver, Michael T. Miller, Jennifer M. Miles, Daniel P. Nadler. © 2019. 13 pages.
Colleges and universities can be important social drivers in the functioning of society. Through their efforts and activities, they can educate an electorate and teach behaviors...