Ditte Kolbaek

Ditte Kolbaek is an assistant professor at Aalborg University, Denmark, where she conducts research in organizational learning and online leadership and cooperation. Ditte Kolbaek is passionate about learning, especially ICT-mediated learning in the context of work. She calls for making it easy to learn in complex environments, such as the workplace, that often lack formal ways of learning from experience. Prior to enrolling in the doctoral program, Ditte worked at Oracle for 10 years: as Manager of Organizational and Talent Development for three years, and as Manager of Organizational Learning in Oracle (EMEA) for seven years. These positions allowed her to develop and implement processes for learning with peers, including getting new hires up to speed, learning from retiring staff, and introducing Proactive Review, which has been implemented in more than 40 countries in Oracle (EMEA). This working environment required online leadership, online collaboration, and online learning; hence, Ditte has solid experience from practice, and practice is the foundation for her approach to research


Improve Business Results by Learning From Experience in Proactive Reviews: Find Solutions to Complex Problems
Ditte Kolbaek. © 2019. 28 pages.
This chapter aims to provide a theoretically based and proven educational design for lessons learned. Called a proactive review, this educational design is exemplified in a case...
Online Collaboration and Communication in Contemporary Organizations
Ditte Kolbaek. © 2018. 348 pages.
The digital age has introduced a deeper sense of connectivity in business environments. By relying more heavily on current technologies, organizations now experience more...
Design-Based Research as a Methodology for Studying Learning in the Context of Work: Suggestions for Guidelines
Ditte Kolbaek. © 2018. 22 pages.
This chapter presents a suggestion for design-based research (DBR) as a methodology for organizational studies. Although DBR was developed for investigating classroom training...
Online Leaders Increase Three Types of Capital
Ditte Kolbaek. © 2018. 19 pages.
This chapter explores 10 years of development in online leadership by asking, How may information and communications technology (ICT) increase the economic, cultural, or social...
Online Leadership and Learning: How Online Leaders May Learn From Their Working Experience
Ditte Kolbaek. © 2018. 19 pages.
Online working environments develop and change continuously, meaning that online leaders and online team members must learn to adapt to change and should utilize emerging...
Proactive Review
Ditte Kolbaek. © 2015. 19 pages.
The aim of this chapter is to provide a theoretically based and proven educational design for learning from experience in the context of a work. This chapter includes some of the...