Domitilla Magni

Domitilla Magni Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Management and Marketing at eCampus University. She obtained her Ph.D. in “Management, Banking and Commodity Sciences” at Sapienza, University of Rome. With a distinguished academic background, she has served as a Visiting Professor at renowned institutions worldwide, including New York University, Montpellier Business School, South-Western University of Finance and Economics, and La Salle University. Her research focuses on Innovation and Technology Management, Sustainability, and Knowledge Management. She has authored numerous books, book chapters, and articles published in international journals, covering a range of topics in management, innovation, and energy research. She actively participates in the peer-review procedures of numerous esteemed international journals, contributing her expertise to evaluate and enhance the quality of scholarly submissions.


Revolutionizing Healthcare: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Chatbots Through a Systematic Literature Review
Domitilla Magni. © 2024. 19 pages.
The healthcare industry is changing, with a greater dependence on technology, as seen by the incorporation of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. Chatbots serve as...
Exploiting Digital Skills in Higher Education: A Case Study Analysis
Domitilla Magni, Beatrice Orlando, Manlio Del Giudice. © 2021. 20 pages.
Thus far, digital transformation had a strong impact on business and society. The large-scale adoption of digital technologies changed social relationships and opened up to new...
Immersive Technologies and Smart Cities in ASEAN: Discovering the Future Innovation Challenges
Domitilla Magni, Rossana Piccolo, Veronica Scuotto, Armando Papa, Manlio Del Giudice. © 2021. 21 pages.
Immersive technologies can have a huge impact on the social structure of a country, opening new opportunities and new scenarios. Through the exploitation and synergy of peculiar...