Donna M. Velliaris

Donna M. Velliaris is Academic Advisor at the Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology (EIBT), a specialist pre-university institution where international students work towards the goal of Australian tertiary entrance. She holds two Graduate Certificates: (1) Australian Studies; and (2) Religious Education, two Graduate Diplomas: (1) Secondary Education; and (2) Language and Literacy Education, as well as three Master’s degrees: (1) Educational Sociology; (2) Studies of Asia; and (3) Special Education. In 2010, Dr Velliaris graduated with a PhD in Education focused on the social/educational ecological development of school-aged transnational students in Tokyo, Japan. Her primary research interests include: human ecology; Third Culture Kids (TCKs); schools as cultural systems; and study abroad. With recent publication of over 20 book chapters, titles comprise: Academic reflections: Disciplinary acculturation and the first-year pathway experience in Australia [Garnet]; Conceptualizing four ecological influences on contemporary ‘Third Culture Kids’ [Palgrave Macmillan]; Culturally responsive pathway pedagogues: Respecting the intricacies of student diversity in the classroom [IGI Global]; The other side of the student story: Listening to the voice of the parent [Sense]; and Metaphors for transnational students: A moving experience [Cambridge Scholars].


Handbook of Research on Study Abroad Programs and Outbound Mobility
Donna M. Velliaris, Deb Coleman-George. © 2016. 898 pages.
Millions of students seek short- and long-term study abroad options every year, and this trend is a key illustration of the internationalization of higher...
Personalising the Pathway: Learning Analytics for Leveraging Pedagogically Purposeful Indicators of Academic Performance
Donna M. Velliaris. © 2016. 28 pages.
The Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology (EIBT) is one of a growing number of private providers partnering with universities to establish pre-university...
Native or Novice?: An Exploratory Study of the Access to and Use of Digital Technologies among Pathway Students
Donna M. Velliaris, Paul Breen. © 2016. 20 pages.
Access to and use of technology by students deemed to be ‘Digital Natives' studying in the Higher Education (HE) sector has been an area of much interest...