Dorel Dusmanescu

Dorel Dusmanescu is associate professor at Department of Economic Analysis, Mathematics and Economic Informatics, Faculty of Economic Sciences from Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti. He holds a PhD in Automation grated by Petroleum & Gas University of Ploiesti in 2001, and currently he is perusing his second PhD in economics at National Institute of Economic Research, Romanian Academy of Sciences. Also, he has a MA in Management at Petroleum & Gas University of Ploiesti (2009). He took his BS the in petroleum engineering at Faculty for Petroleum and Petrochemical Installations from Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti in 1989. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (USA), associate editor for Economic Insight-Trends and Challenges, journal edited and published by Petroleum & Gas University, member of editorial board of Database Systems Journal, published by ASE Bucharest and executive editor of Economics of Agriculture, journal published in Serbia, scientific reviewer for International Business Information Management Association Conferences –IBIMA and the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS). His main area of expertise include databases, computer programming, business information systems and economical systems modeling, where he published books (7), journal articles (over 40) and conferences presentations.


Sustainable Technologies, Policies, and Constraints in the Green Economy
Andrei Jean-Vasile, Turek Rahoveanu Adrian, Jonel Subic, Dorel Dusmanescu. © 2013. 390 pages.
The development of a green and sustainable economy continues to grow in awareness and popularity due to its promotion of a more comprehensive way of achieving...
Aspects Regarding Implementation of Renewable Energy Sources in Romania up to 2050
Dorel Dusmanescu. © 2013. 21 pages.
The paper describes the tendencies in the implementation of renewable energy sources in Romania until 2050. It is presented some arguments to justify the necessity...
International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM)
Dorel Dusmanescu, Andrei Jean-Vasile, Gheorghe H. Popescu. Est. 2012.
The International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM) publishes analysis, research papers, and essays that examine issues of major economic...