Sustainable Technologies, Policies, and Constraints in the Green Economy

Sustainable Technologies, Policies, and Constraints in the Green Economy

Andrei Jean-Vasile (Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania), Turek Rahoveanu Adrian (Institute of Research for Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Romania), Jonel Subic (Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade, Serbia) and Dorel Dusmanescu (Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania)
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Release Date: May, 2013|Copyright: © 2013 |Pages: 390
ISBN13: 9781466640986|ISBN10: 1466640987|EISBN13: 9781466640993|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4098-6


The development of a green and sustainable economy continues to grow in awareness and popularity due to its promotion of a more comprehensive way of achieving economic development through social and environmental efficiency.

Sustainable Technologies, Policies, and Constraints in the Green Economy carefully investigates the complex issues which surround the wide array of concepts, policies, and measures that come into play when promoting this somewhat new ideology. This publication covers over 50 years of research in the field in order to provide the best theoretical frameworks and empirical research to its readers. Professors, researchers, practitioners, and students will all benefit from the relevant discussions and diverse conclusions which are revealed in these chapters.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Challenges
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Green Economics
  • Natural Capital
  • Sustainable Environments
  • Sustainable Production Systems

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Andrei Jean-Vasile, PhD, is Lecturer at Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Department of Business Administration. He holds a PhD in Economics from the National Institute of Economics Research – Romanian Academy of Sciences. He has earned a BA degree in Administrative Sciences (2005) and in Banks and Finances (2007) from the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. He has an MA degree in Economics, Administrative and Business Management (2007) earned at the same university.

Jean Andrei is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (USA), Associate Editor of Economics of Agriculture (Ekonomika poljoprivrede) published by Institute of Agricultural Economics (Serbia), scientific reviewer for International Business Information Management Association Conferences – IBIMA. He is also member of scientific organizations: The Balkan Scientific Association of Agrarian Economists, Serbia (December 2008). Issues like business investments process, economic efficiency, agricultural and resources economics, business administration, and valuing economic and human potential are among his research and scientific interests, where he has published articles (over 20), scientific books (4), and numerous conferences presentations.

Turek Rahovean Adrianu is senior researcher and Head of the Institute of Research for Agricul-tural Economics and Rural Development and lecturer at the faculty of management, Economi¬cal Engineering and Rural Development within the Bucharest University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine. Turek Rahoveanu Adrian holds PhD in agricultural management and marketing. The main area of expertise is production structures’ analysis, farms’ management, implementing production practices compatible to environment preserving and protection. He published 16 books as single author or co-author in the fields of agricultural economics, agro-food chains, agricultural policy and rural development. His research activity consists in 23 research project, as director or member. He has participated to symposiums and published 38 articles to international and 33 articles to national conferences.

Jonel Subic, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Research Associate had defended doctoral thesis under the title Determination of economic effectiveness of investments in agriculture (South Banat – FR Yugoslavia) in November 2003 at the Faculty of Management, Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences, Romania. Since November 2004, he has been full-time employed in the Institute of Agricultural Economics Belgrade, Serbia within the sector for scientific-research work. Since July 2005 he worked as assistant of IAE director for cooperation with economic entities.

He is mainly oriented to agro-economy and economy, with special accent to the economic effectiveness of investments, strategic planning of local communities. He is author/co-author at over 150 bibliographic units with national and international importance.

He is also a member of following professional associations: Balkan Environment Association (B.EN.A.); European Association of Agrarian Economists (E.A.A.E.); Serbian Association of Agrarian Economists (SAAE); Balkan Scientific Association of Agrarian Economists (BSAAE). Among editorial activities next can be pointed out: corresponding editor of the Journals International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management and Scientific Papers Series - Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development; member of the scientific board of the Journal BULLETIN - Economic Sciences Series; member of supervisory committee of the Journals Economy - Management Series and Transition; associate editor of the Journal Economics of Agriculture; member of editorial board of the Journal Ekonomika.

Dorel Dusmanescu is associate professor at Department of Economic Analysis, Mathematics and Economic Informatics, Faculty of Economic Sciences from Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti. He holds a PhD in Automation grated by Petroleum & Gas University of Ploiesti in 2001, and currently he is perusing his second PhD in economics at National Institute of Economic Research, Romanian Academy of Sciences. Also, he has a MA in Management at Petroleum & Gas University of Ploiesti (2009). He took his BS the in petroleum engineering at Faculty for Petroleum and Petrochemical Installations from Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti in 1989. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (USA), associate editor for Economic Insight-Trends and Challenges, journal edited and published by Petroleum & Gas University, member of editorial board of Database Systems Journal, published by ASE Bucharest and executive editor of Economics of Agriculture, journal published in Serbia, scientific reviewer for International Business Information Management Association Conferences –IBIMA and the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS). His main area of expertise include databases, computer programming, business information systems and economical systems modeling, where he published books (7), journal articles (over 40) and conferences presentations.