Frederic Andres

Frederic Andres has been an Associate Professor in the Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) since 2000 and at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies since 2002. He received his Ph.D. from University of PARIS VI and his Doctor Habilitate (specialization: information engine) from University of Nantes, in 1993 and 2000 respectively. For more than 10 years Dr. Andres has been pursuing basic and applied research in semantic management, semantic digital library, knowledge clustering and Topic Maps. Since 2003, Dr. Andres continues to develop and to refine innovative learning based on procedural memory and related to semantic and pedagogy/didactic enrichment. His research interests include digital ecosystem, semantic digital Library, image learning ontology, immersive knowledge, and MulSeMedia. He has published more than 100 scientific papers and he produced various patents on Cost Evaluation and Modeling. In the past 5 years, he has been participating in innovative digital ecosystem projects in Luxembourg (CVCE), France (Bourgogne University), Thailand (KU, NECTEC), India (Bishop Heber College(Autonomous) and Nepal. He is project leader of the Geomedia project and Myscoper project. Dr. Frederic Andres is a senior member of ACM, a member of IEEE, of the IEEE Technical Committee on Semantic Computing and IPSJ. He is also observer in ISO SC29/WG11/MPEG and SC34/W3 on Topic Maps working groups.


Assistive Technologies for Differently Abled Students
Sangeeta Dhamdhere-Rao, Frederic Andres. © 2022. 305 pages.
In higher education systems, equal importance must be given to differently abled students. However, not all educational institutions have infrastructure and facilities to admit...
Cultural Issues in Employee Engagement: Illuminate, Causes, and Significance
Radha Yadav, Riya Gangwar, Sunaina Arora, Frederic Andres. © 2019. 10 pages.
The purpose of this chapter is to analyze the cultural issues in employee engagement. This chapter covers the importance of employee engagement and diverse workforce. The author...
A Formal Model for Managing Multiple Observation Data in Agriculture
Watanee Jearanaiwongkul, Frederic Andres, Chutiporn Anutariya. © 2019. 22 pages.
Nowadays, farmers can search for treatments for their plants using search engines and applications. Most existing works are developed in the form of rule-based question answering...
Movie Video Summarization- Generating Personalized Summaries Using Spatiotemporal Salient Region Detection
Rajkumar Kannan, Sridhar Swaminathan, Gheorghita Ghinea, Frederic Andres, Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen. © 2019. 26 pages.
Video summarization condenses a video by extracting its informative and interesting segments. In this article, a novel video summarization approach is proposed based on...
Multiple Sensorial Media Advances and Applications: New Developments in MulSeMedia
George Ghinea, Frederic Andres, Stephen R. Gulliver. © 2012. 344 pages.
Advances in computational and device technologies, combined with the commercial success and acceptance of 3D, haptic, and various other media presentation devices, has increased...
Intelligent and Knowledge-Based Computing for Business and Organizational Advancements
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As organizations, businesses, and other institutions work to move forward during a new era of ubiquitous modern technology, new computing and technology implementation strategies...
International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (IJOCI)
Victor Chang. Est. 2010.
The International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (IJOCI) focuses on computing theories and empirical analyses of shared knowledge relevant to businesses....
International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems (IJAEIS)
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The International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems (IJAEIS) presents high quality research papers on the design and implementation of information...
Problems-Solving Map Extraction with Collective Intelligence Analysis and Language Engineering
Asanee Kawtrakul, Chaveevarn Pechsiri, Sachit Rajbhandari, Frederic Andres. © 2009. 19 pages.
Valuable knowledge has been distributed in heterogeneous formats on many different Web sites and other sources over the Internet. However, finding the needed information is a...