J. Ola Lindberg

J. Ola Lindberg earned his PhD in Education at Umeå University (Sweden). Dr. Lindberg is a senior lecturer and his main research interest lies in TPD and distance education supported by ICT. His research conducted departs from a philosophical hermeneutical approach with an overall aim at understanding social and ethical processes of teaching and fostering. In TPD and distance education his focus is on how the participants negotiate meaning in OLCs. He has contributed with book-chapters, conference-papers and journal articles on this specific topic. He is member of the international network ‘The Research Network on Online Learning Communities’. A list of publications may be found at http://spica.utv.miun.se/medarbetare/detail.lasso?ID=P10019


Informed Design of Educational Technologies in Higher Education: Enhanced Learning and Teaching
Anders D. Olofsson, J. Ola Lindberg. © 2012. 548 pages.
During the last decade, the Internet has driven some of the most significant changes in higher education. Since information and communication technologies (ICTs) impact how we...
Online Learning Communities and Teacher Professional Development: Methods for Improved Education Delivery
J. Ola Lindberg, Anders D. Olofsson. © 2010. 354 pages.
In today's society, the professional development of teachers is urgent due to the constant change in working conditions and the impact that information and communication...