Jonathan Chitiyo

Jonathan Chitiyo is an Associate Professor of Special Education and serves as the Director of Teacher Education at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. He holds a PhD in Special Education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and has established himself as a prominent figure in the field. His research primarily revolves around the advancement of inclusive education and the enhancement of special education systems in developing countries, especially in Africa. Dr. Chitiyo's commitment to this area of study is evidenced by his publication record. He has published his research in several peer-reviewed journals. Moreover, he actively contributes to the academic discourse by presenting his research findings at various international conferences, thus fostering global collaboration and knowledge dissemination in the realm of special education. Dr. Chitiyo's dedication to promoting inclusive educational practices and facilitating the development of special education infrastructure in Africa underscores his significant contributions to the field. His expertise and scholarly achievements continue to inspire and inform advancements in special education globally.


Discussions of Inclusive Education Within African Contexts
Jonathan Chitiyo. © 2024. 209 pages.
Despite global efforts to promote inclusive education, many African countries need help implementing inclusive practices in their educational systems. The lack of guidelines and...
Social Justice and Culturally-Affirming Education in K-12 Settings
Jonathan Chitiyo, Zachary Pietrantoni. © 2023. 394 pages.
Social justice is a philosophy that has gathered momentum over the past few years to bring to light the inequities that exist within our society. In the field of education...
Bridging the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Gap for Women With Disabilities in a Globalized World
Victor Mafone Alasa, Jonathan Chitiyo, Zachary Pietrantoni. © 2022. 15 pages.
The challenge before both the general and special education teacher in the 21st century is that of enhancing the engagement and full participation of all learners, irrespective...
Educational Outcomes of Children Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
Jonathan Chitiyo, Lawrence Meda, Jona Masiya. © 2022. 16 pages.
HIV/AIDS was first reported in Africa in the early 1980s, and it has now become one of the most devastating epidemics in the history of Africa. It is responsible for...
Preparation of Pre-Service Teachers: Assessment of Generation Z Students
Ratish Chand, Victor M. Alasa, Jonathan Chitiyo, Zachary Pietrantoni. © 2022. 15 pages.
Teacher education programs have been continuously explored on various aspects; many challenges remain when it comes to the effective preparation of pre-service teachers in...
Innovative Techniques Used in Zimbabwean Schools to Educate Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jona Masiya, Jonathan Chitiyo. © 2022. 13 pages.
Zimbabwe was as seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as other nations across the globe. On March 30, 2020, the Zimbabwe government imposed the first 21-day lockdown for...
A Program Planning and Evaluation Model for Training Teacher Educators on the Use of Technology in the Classroom
Allen M. Mathende, Jonathan Chitiyo. © 2022. 17 pages.
The chapter presents a program planning and evaluation model that can be used in training educators to integrate and increase the use of instructional technology in the...