Manuela Mura

Manuela Mura is a Senior Lecturer in College of Science. In 2010 Manuela received a doctorate from the King’s College London, where she wrote a PhD thesis on “Theoretical characterization of STM images of assemblies of flat organic molecules on metal surfaces” under the supervision of Prof Lev Kantorovitch. The work included collaboration with experimentalists from the universities of Nottingham, Oxford, Aarus in Denmark and CAE Saclay in France. Manuela is an expert in a variety of computer simulation techniques in Condensed Matter Physics such as quantum mechanics ab-initio tools to reproduce self-assembled supra-molecular assemblies on metallic and semiconducting surfaces and classical molecular dynamics tools to study the interaction of antimicrobial peptides with modelled lipid bilayer membrane. Qualifications: PhD in Computational Physics - King’s College London 2010; MSc in Physics - University of Cagliari 2004. Awards: Springer PhD Thesis Prize - Springer 2010; Tadion-Rideal Prize for Molecular Science - King’s College London 2010.


The Impact of Risk Factors on the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease
Abiola Basirat Bakare, Mubeen Ghafoor, Manuela Mura, Waqar Ahmed. © 2023. 18 pages.
The growing rate of cardiovascular disease all over the globe is so alarming that urgent measures need to be put in place. Approximately 18 million deaths are recorded every year...