Masako Fuji

Masako Fujii is a director of Non-Profitable-Organization of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Rehabilitation Center located in Tokyo. Dr.Fujii had been an associate professor in Medical School, Hamamatsu University and a professor in Nursing School of Hamamatsu University after making carrier of psychological clinician and also brain researcher as being an assistant and instructor at Bain Research Institute of University of Tokyo. Dr.Fujii has a wide experience of consulting with many clients with TBI and their families by giving them progress programs on the abilities of attention, memory and executive functions she prepared for each client and his/her families, and she has also conducting lectures on cognitive rehabilitation for the practitioners and for the classes in nursing schools in Japan.


Redesigning Innovative Healthcare Operation and the Role of Knowledge Management
Murako Saito, Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Masako Fuji, Eliezer Geisler. © 2010. 322 pages.
In global environments, healthcare organizations are required to be flexible and resilient in coping with uncertain and complex circumstances. Redesigning Innovative Healthcare...