Mohamud Sheikh

Mohamud Sheikh is a Senior Lecturer in International Health, Tropical and Infectious Diseases and Co-Director of Infectious Diseases Intelligence Programs at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales. In his nearly 23 years of experience in International Health - Tropical and Communicable diseases control, he has conducted various public health works internationally in developing and developed countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Middle East and Australia respectively. He has been teaching Master of international public health courses for nearly 12 years thus drawing a wealth of knowledge in the field of global health. Dr Sheikh is an author and reviewer for international journals in the field of global health. He has also had numerous contributions to resource poor communities around the world through his charity and volunteer work, especially in Africa, Middle East, and Australia. He has contributed to the field of humanitarian and philanthropic work since the age of 8 and has recently launched his lifetime dream project –“Eradication of Preventable Blindness in Africa” – a remarkable humanitarian mission. He also heads two not for profit charitable organisations based in Australia and the Horn of Africa region.


Transforming Public Health in Developing Nations
Mohamud Sheikh, Aziza Mahamoud, Mowafa Househ. © 2015. 416 pages.
The rise of globalized business has created a world village wherein ideas and industry transcend national boundaries. Unfortunately, the resulting increase in travel has...