Pierce Story

Pierce Story is a Senior Consulting Manager for the Care Design group, part of GE Healthcare’s Performance Solutions division. He works with a team of clinical experts, process and systems engineers, and simulationists to provide dynamic facility and operations optimization, capacity analysis, and staffing algorithms to new and existing facilities. Pierce has been engaged in healthcare process simulation development and deployment for over eleven years, and has worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty. Pierce is a Diplomate-level member and Past President of the Society for Health Systems (SHS), a current Board member for the Healthcare Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and a member of HIMSS and IIE. His is author of the new book, Dynamic Capacity Management for Hospitals, (to be published in Oct. 2010 by Productivity Press) and is co-author of the book Management Engineering Principles for Effective Healthcare Delivery: Principles and Applications. He has written numerous articles for healthcare and engineering journals including Quality Progress and the Journal of Industrial Engineering. He has also spoken at over twenty healthcare conferences, including the ACHE Annual Congress. Pierce earned a Master’s Degree in Health Policy and Management from the University of Southern Maine. His passions include bringing engineering principles, tools, and concepts to the everyday management of hospital capacity and care delivery, and developing viable solutions to the challenges of reducing the total cost of the provision of American healthcare. Pierce understands the issues facing the future of the US healthcare systems, and believes strongly that GE is in a unique position to help make it financially viable, clinically safe, and openly accessible. Pierce currently resides in Wells, ME, where he is an active member of his local Baptist church, and enjoys fly-fishing, riding his 1988 Harley Davidson, and growing championship roses.


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Due to massive technological and medical advances in the life sciences (molecular genetics, biology, biochemistry, etc.), modern medicine is increasingly effective in treating...
Dynamic Capacity Management (DCAMM™) in a Hospital Setting
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DCAMM starts with an analysis of dynamic demand, matched against dynamic capacity. This brings forth simple yet important operational concepts that take a dynamic, “systems”...