Ramona S. McNeal

Ramona McNeal is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Northern Iowa. Her chief research interests include e-government, telehealth, cybercrimes and campaign finance reform. She also studies the impact of technology on participation, including its relationship to voting, elections, and public opinion. She has published work in numerous journals including Journal of Information Technology & Politics, Social Science Quarterly, Policy Studies Journal, Public Administration Review, Political Research Quarterly and State Politics and Policy Quarterly. She is a co-author of Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society and Participation (MIT Press, 2007) with Karen Mossberger and Caroline Tolbert.


Victimization: Sexual Minorities
Ramona S. McNeal, Susan M. Kunkle, Mary Schmeida. © 2022. 19 pages.
Not all groups are equally likely to be subject to acts of aggression; specific subgroups are more likely to be victimized. For example, youth who identify as a sexual minority...
Community Programs: Local School Boards and Anti-Bullying Programs
Ramona S. McNeal, Susan M. Kunkle, Mary Schmeida. © 2021. 15 pages.
The United States has a federal system. One advantage of a federal system is that it can encourage competition among the states resulting in the testing of new policy solutions...
Legislative Response to Cyber Aggression: Federal and State-Local Policy Reform
Ramona S. McNeal, Susan M. Kunkle, Mary Schmeida. © 2020. 24 pages.
This chapter presents the federal and state-local legislative response to cyber aggression: stalking, harassment, and bullying. Along with other federal efforts, the federal...
Policing Online Aggression: Policy Solutions and Challenges
Ramona S. McNeal, Susan M. Kunkle, Mary Schmeida. © 2019. 19 pages.
Research argues that to address bullying/cyberbullying it will take the larger school community including teachers, families, health professionals, etc. The same can be said for...
Cyber Harassment and Policy Reform in the Digital Age: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ramona S. McNeal, Susan M. Kunkle, Mary Schmeida. © 2018. 170 pages.
As the digital world assumes an ever-increasing role in the daily life of the public, opportunities to engage in crimes increase as well. The consequences of cyber aggression can...
Internet Pharmacy Cybercrime: State Policy Mitigating Risks 2000-2015
Mary Schmeida, Ramona S. McNeal. © 2017. 20 pages.
Internet pharmacy social gains are efficiency, improving pharmaceutical access for isolates, and less cost. Alongside gains, illegal Internet pharmacies and unscrupulous pharmacy...