Shweta Saini

Shweta Saini is a research scholar at Institute of Management Studies and Research, Maharahi Dayanand University. She is qualified for the National Eligibility Test held by the National Testing Agency, India. She has published papers in peer reviewed journals listed in ABDC. Further, she has published chapters in edited books indexed in Scopus. She has participated in many national and international conferences.


Powering Industry 5.0 and Sustainable Development Through Innovation
Rohit Bansal, Fazla Rabby, Meenakshi Gandhi, Nishita Pruthi, Shweta Saini. © 2024. 393 pages.
Industries face the challenge of incorporating technological innovations while ensuring sustainable development in a constantly changing landscape. This struggle is complicated...
When AI Meets Influence: Exploring the Integration of ChatGPT and Influencer Marketing
Shweta Saini, Abdul Hafaz Ngah, Seema Sahai, Rohit Bansal. © 2024. 13 pages.
Marketing through social media influencers has emerged as a powerful strategy for brands to connect with their target audiences, by leveraging the credibility and reach of...
Geo-Marketing: A New Tool for Marketers
Shweta Saini, Rohit Bansal. © 2023. 11 pages.
Geo-marketing is more crucial than ever in today's global markets since it is necessary to seize possibilities like any open niche and stay one step ahead of rivals. The keys...
Exploring the Interplay Between Stress Management and Work-Life Balance for Employees
Shweta Saini, Rohit Bansal. © 2023. 8 pages.
Stress at the workplace has become a predominant issue. Numerous people's lifestyles are seriously impacted by the influence of longer workdays, which eventually impacts...
Power of Social Media Influencer Credibility on the Influence of Brand Attitude
Shweta Saini, Rohit Bansal. © 2023. 11 pages.
In the past few years, brands have been spending exponentially on social media influencers. Because of influencers' large following and the content, they post on social media...
Exploring the Role of Social Media: An Innovative Tool for Entrepreneurs
Rohit Bansal, Shweta Saini. © 2022. 10 pages.
Social media is one of the most popular platforms where anyone can share their ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual networks and communities. Around the world, there...