Tokuro Matsuo

Tokuro Matsuo (Ph.D., M.S., and B.Edu.) is an associate professor at Graduate School of Science and Engineering in Yamagata University since 2006. He graduated from School of Culture and Education of Saga University in 2001 and from School of Knowledge Science of Japan Advanced Institute of Technology in 2003. He received his Ph.D. from Department of Computer Science at Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2006. He is a visiting researcher in University California, Irvine (2010-2011) and a research fellow of Software Engineering and Information Technology Institute of Central Michigan University (2010-2012). His current research interests include career service system, safety service for disaster recovery, designs on secure electronic commerce systems and robust e-auction protocols, qualitative reasoning and simulations, polymer chemical material design system, and travel support systems. Some of his researches are presented in top-leveled international conference including AAAI, IEEE CEC, AAMAS, and WWW. He created and organized 26 international conferences and workshops including Pacific Rim International Workshop on E-Commerce 2006, Conference on Software Engineering, Network, Parallel and Distributed Computing 2009, IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science 2010, IEEE International Workshop on e-Activity 2007-2011, and International Workshop on Automated Complex Agent-based Negotiation 2005-2011. He received over 40 awards and research grants from research foundations, company, and government. He is commissioned as Adviser of Information Promotion from the Japanese Government. He also is a chairperson of the Investigation Committee on Tourist Information System in the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan from 2011.


Scenario-Based Career Path Decision Support Services in Human Capital Development
Tokuro Matsuo, Yoshihito Saito, Takanori Terashima, Takayuki Fujimoto. © 2012. 11 pages.
This paper proposes a new career support system for students’ decision-making using past student information in a university. Past students information contains a lot of useful...
Analogical Thinking Based Instruction Method in IT Professional Education
Tokuro Matsuo, Takayuki Fujimoto. © 2012. 14 pages.
In designing a new teaching system, a challenging issue is how the system intelligently supports learners. This paper describes a methodology and a system design on the...
E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction: Effects of Social Design
Tokuro Matsuo, Takayuki Fujimoto. © 2011. 284 pages.
As the complexity and importance of web activity multiplies, the success of any endeavor depends on utilizing the most advanced intelligent techniques when designing tools for...