Victoria E. Johnson

Victoria Johnson is dean of the School of Business and Economics at Georgia Gwinnett College. Dr. Johnson is dean of the School of Business and professor of management at Georgia Gwinnett College. She received her PhD in public administration from the University of Georgia and holds a Master of Public Administration and a BA in English from Georgia State University. Her research interests and publications are in the areas of corporate strategy and policy analysis, international business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. She is co-editor of the book, Social, Ethical, and Political Implications of Information Technology and serves on the editorial board of Global Business and Economic Review.


Computer-Mediated Relationships and Trust: Managerial and Organizational Effects
Linda L. Brennan, Victoria E. Johnson. © 2008. 322 pages.
The recent, rapid emergence of the virtual organization has added new dynamics and challenges to the context of relationships between organizational managers and their employees...
Social, Ethical and Policy Implications of Information Technology
Linda L. Brennan, Victoria E. Johnson. © 2004. 320 pages.
Legal and ethical issues have become a standard part of engineering and business schools' curricula. This has not been the case for computer science or management information...