Black and Brown Leadership and the Promotion of Change in an Era of Social Unrest
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Black and Brown Leadership and the Promotion of Change in an Era of Social Unrest

Sonia Rodriguez (National University, USA) and Kelly Brown (Lamar University, USA)
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 9781799872351|ISBN10: 1799872351|EISBN13: 9781799872375|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7235-1


Americans were dealt a blow that included a pandemic and economic crisis, as well as, racial unrest, initiating an energized charge for social justice advocacy. The nation is currently facing an unprecedented challenge in ensuring that all citizens live in a fair, inclusive, and opportunity-rich society. Historically marginalized communities cannot thrive if they continue to be oppressed, neglected, disinvested, and isolated from economic opportunity. These issues have heightened questions about racial justice that have been placated but can no longer be ignored. Leaders of color want a seat at the table as highly valued contributors for the transformation of a just and equitable America. This book seeks to amplify voices of leaders who identify as Black, LatinX, Indigenous, or people of color as they steer the progression of leadership in seeking a seat at the power table. In turn, how are the current leaders making space so the movement continues inside and outside mainstream spaces in order to sustain forward momentum. The authors highlight a critical discourse surrounding the issues, dilemmas, struggles, and successes that persons of color experience.

Authors portray dilemmas that marginalized communities encounter while advocating for justice and social change within Whitestream organizational systems. The book delves into the definitions, perceptions, of Americanism, identity, otherness, and racism. It highlights the value of an inclusive voice from persons of color in decision making initiatives within mainstreamed organizations. An in-depth discourse will be presented for positively influencing how others are viewed. A critical analysis of the experiences of Black and Brown leaders are shared and provides further evidence for the field of transformational leadership while highlighting the voices of historically marginalized groups.

This text will have far reaching contexts and will cross a variety of disciplines such as, but not limited to, the fields of education, business, and criminal justice. The authors seek to impact current and aspiring leaders of color by providing a counternarrative that supports and nurtures the talent of the underserved majority. In order to replicate the path of successful leadership, an understanding of the physical, ethical, and moral toll on leaders of the Black and Brown communities is warranted. In addition, learning how to effectively use your voice and position for change will ultimately redefine what success looks and feels like to the marginalized communities.

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