Data Warehouses and OLAP: Concepts, Architectures and Solutions
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Data Warehouses and OLAP: Concepts, Architectures and Solutions

Robert Wrembel (Poznań University of Technology, Poland) and Christian Koncilia (Panoratio GmbH, Germany)
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Release Date: October, 2006|Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 360
ISBN13: 9781599043647|ISBN10: 1599043645|EISBN13: 9781599043661|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-364-7


Data warehouses and online analytical processing (OLAP) are emerging key technologies for enterprise decision support systems. They provide sophisticated technologies from data integration, data collection and retrieval, query optimization, and data analysis to advanced user interfaces. New research and technological achievements in the area of data warehousing are implemented in commercial database management systems, and organizations are developing data warehouse systems into their information system infrastructures.

Data Warehouses and OLAP: Concepts, Architectures and Solutions covers a wide range of technical, technological, and research issues. It provides theoretical frameworks, presents challenges and their possible solutions, and examines the latest empirical research findings in the area. It is a resource of possible solutions and technologies that can be applied when designing, implementing, and deploying a data warehouse, and assists in the dissemination of knowledge in this field.

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This book covers a wide range of technical, technological, and research issues.

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Robert Wrembel is an assistant professor at the Poznañ University of Technology, Poland, and a lecturer at Oracle Poland. He received Ph.D. in computer science (databases) in 2001, and took part in four research projects on databases and four industrial projects in the field of information technologies. He has paid a number of visits to research and education centers, including the INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, France, the Paris Dauphine University, France, the Klagenfurt University, Austria, and the Loyola University, USA. His research interests encompass data warehouse technologies – temporal, multiversion, object-relational – and object-oriented systems – views, data access optimization.
Christian Koncilia is a data warehouse consultant at Panoratio Database Images, Inc. in Munich, Germany. Prior to this position, he was lecturer at the Department of Informatics-Systems at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. He holds a master's degree in information science, as well as a doctorate in applied computer science from the University of Klagenfurt. During his MS studies he worked as project manager for a large Carinthian company with more than 7000 employees. Among other duties, he was responsible for the introduction of an OLAP system. His research interests include temporal databases, data warehousing, multidimensional databases, and data mining. He published several papers in international conference proceedings.