E-Learning QUICK Checklist

E-Learning QUICK Checklist

Badrul Khan (George Washington University, USA)
Release Date: June, 2006|Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 220|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-812-3
ISBN13: 9781591408123|ISBN10: 1591408121|EISBN13: 9781591408116


E-Learning QUICK Checklist walks readers through the various factors important to developing, evaluating and implementing an open, flexible and distributed learning environment. This book is designed as a quick checklist for e-learning. It contains many practical items that the reader can use as review criteria to check if e-learning modules, courses and programs provide the level of services that learners (or consumers) should expect. Items in the checklist encompass critical dimensions of e-learning environment, including; pedagogical, technological, interface design, evaluation, management, resource support, ethical, and institutional.

Throughout the E-Learning QUICK Checklist, various critical e-learning and blended-learning factors are presented as questions or items that you can ask yourself when planning, designing, evaluating and implementing e-learning and/or blended-learning modules, courses and programs.

Reviews and Testimonials

"E-Learning QUICK Checklist is an outstanding series of comprehensive checklists designed as a standalone companion for Managing E-Learning Strategies. The checklists are designed to facilitate the examination of all aspects of e-learning from multiple perspectives. "


The checklists are constructed in a straightforward manner and can be easily adapted and tailored to support local requirements and considerations. They will help to ensure that the e-learning development team considers all aspects of [content] development, delivery, and maintenance. The section addressing the instructional/technical effectiveness of the pedagogy employed is particularly helpful.

– Carlton P. Hardy II, Instructional Systems Specialist, Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC), US Army

"As Distance Learning Coordinator for a small technical college, I found E-Learning QUICK Checklist a very valuable resource. Using the Checklist, we were able to refine our work plan for our distance delivery. The Checklist was a great way to guarantee that we were not missing any important aspect for our institution. "E-Learning QUICK Checklist provides a thorough outline of how to prepare a distance learning program for learning institutions. It's a great, must-have resource. "The chapter on pedagogy was wonderful. It really helped me restructure my course so that it is better for all learners. It covered all aspects of pedagogy to help me design a much more complete course."

– Linda Kingston, Distance Learning Coordinator, Alexandria Technical College, USA

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Badrul H. Khan, Ph.D., is an international speaker, author, educator and consultant in the field of e-learning and educational technology. Dr. Khan authored the following books: Web-Based Instruction (1997), Web Based Training (2001), E-Learning Strategies (2004), Managing E-Learning Strategies (2005), Implementing E-Learning (in press), E-Learning: Design, Delivery and Evaluation (in press), E-Learning and Blended Learning Strategies (in press), and Flexible Learning (in press). A sought-after keynote speaker on e learning, Khan is past President of the International Division of the Association for Educational and Communication Technology (AECT). He served as a consultant/advisor to distance education related projects at the World Bank, Ministries of Education in several countries, and academic institutions and corporations in the USA and abroad.