A Booster for Turkish Novice Teachers: Reflective Teaching

A Booster for Turkish Novice Teachers: Reflective Teaching

Gülsen Ünver
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5228-4.ch004
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This chapter outlines the many ways in which reflective teaching could be adopted during formal teacher inductions. It sums up the induction policies, programs, and reflective teaching methodology facilitated in the curricula in a number of countries. Policies and activities in Turkey where reflective teaching has recently begun to show in formal teacher induction programs will be discussed. Problems regarding practice of reflective teaching during induction programs in Turkey and some others will be reviewed. Reflective teaching practices during pre-service training prior to formal induction will be mentioned. Research that highlights ways in which teachers can develop their reflective teaching will be explored. Finally, some recommendations that might help enhance novice teachers' reflective teaching perceptions will be made.
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Education can be likened to an ocean since it is a vast area comprising political, societal, economic, psychological, aesthetical, etc. constituents. In order to be able to live, develop and help others develop in this ocean, a teacher needs to be an expert swimmer/teacher. Also, learning to swim/teach is a life and career-long learning process that begins during pre-service. For that reason, acquision of basic swimming/teaching skills is so vital for one so that they will not get lost in the ocean of education. Teachers whose reflective teaching practice has grown during pre-service education may assimilate fundamental teaching knowledge and skills and continue to develop them throughout their professional lives. The very skilled novice teachers require to be able to deliberate on the practical knowledge (Van Manen, 1995) they gained at pre-service is reflection - querying on coherence of teaching with the students’ attributes (Harrison, Lawson, & Wortley, 2005; Oshrat-Fink, 2014; Van Manen, 1995). To this end, Chetcuti, Buhagiar, and Cardona (2011) argue that teachers who have gained reflective teaching skills during pre-service teacher education continue to use these skills in their first years of work.

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