A Study of Online Scams: Examining the Behavior and Motivation Factors of Scammers and Victimization Consequences

A Study of Online Scams: Examining the Behavior and Motivation Factors of Scammers and Victimization Consequences

Azlan Shah
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3042-9.ch005
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This chapter presents the overview of how the online fraud began; and how in starting to spread around the world. Mastering the motivation factor fraudster to do scamming. Also the perspectives of victim attitude, social media; the emerging trends of community attitudes and IT among public community among youngster or even among elders; the concept of motivation factors, by fraudsters; the characteristics of victim by dividing to gender and age stages; sustainable online media ;sustainable long hours of consuming internet; the importance of sustainable consumption, sustainability, and sustainable deterrence to avoid people being online scam victim. Mastering how this case working is essential for modern police organizations that seek to serve public and nation, reduce the loses are facing by victim in the future, strengthen strategy in combating online scam. It's also emphasize thoroughly the effect, and the consequences after victim got cheated by online. The chapter argues that mastering fraudster and victim attitude and knowledge to enhance the awareness and reduce online scam.
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Information and communication technology (ICT) have speeded up the development of the economy globally and enhanced the quality life for better life in this world. Internet technology has brought new ways of creating worldwide communication between people around the world. However, this accommodation was used by the opportunist as new space to take a chance to cheat the other sincere people out there for those use ICT to connecting with others throughout the world. Crime that arise nowadays was an online scam because it’s like a virus that happen and attack so many people who are vulnerable since Internet has been use as a social media as medium to communicate. More research that delve into aspect of consumer behavior and psychology in the digital economy is deemed necessary (Ling Chang, Ling Tam, & Suki, 2016; Nathan, Fook Chiun, & Suki, 2016; Suki, 2016).

The online scam has established very fast because in terms of the development of communication technological medium so that type crime was adapting by criminal to enable their activities involved. Such a crime may be committed thru the online communication are uninvited conversation through emails, chat rooms from personal computers, smart phones, Tablet applications, WhatsApp, Telegram, social media sites, and chatting forums (Hamin, Rosalili, & Rosli, 2018). Online Scam can be described of any deceitful activities or tactic that illicit money or other goods from a lay-man people by scammer group or personal. With the worldwide are more exposed and globalization of Internet, online scams have enlarged greater than before, and it's important to make a public more aware stay suspicion with people on the Internet that they never know who they really are.

There are a bundle types of online scams crime today reported throughout the world, but this paper will focus on Romance Swindle that related to Advance Fee Fraud and ‘419’ Nigerian Letter Scam. Romance scams nowadays are take advantages of accelerate of Internet and Wi fi to cheating people who are using Internet and Media Social as platform to communicate each other’s. However, scammers may also use social platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp’s, Telegram and so many other social media platform or email to make contact. They have still been known to call their victims as a beginning entry. Usually this criminal using fake identity profiles that was designed to make victims confident to them. They maybe apply a fake name, or take on the others people identities of real without this real person permission. Usually they use the identity of trusted people such as military officer, engineer or professionals working overseas such as attached with oil and gas company. The modus operation is usually involved use fabricated identity background, scammer will claim they have high positioning in community and offering the victim be friendly especially with lonesome and desperate of love’s women. After they get the trustworthiness and slowly become their online lover. And so, by the time when these online couple obtain and gain trust each other in the relationship, this criminal begin his tactic using so many of explanations and sweet talking to get the victim deliver their money into the love scammer's bank account, they will give several reason such as for buying the flight ticket, accidental hospitalize, business problem and so many more. This transaction of money will happen some many time until victim finally felt doubtful or realize that was not the true love connection after the victim finished her money in bank account.

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