Cloud As a Computer

Cloud As a Computer

Vishnu S. Pendyala (Santa Clara University, USA) and JoAnne Holliday (Santa Clara University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-735-7.ch011
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The evolution of the cloud as a computer is a very significant milestone in this golden era of computing that changed both the technology and the business model of computing. The cloud has the potential to give access to all possible resources on the Internet using minimal hardware in hand, such as a mobile device with Internet access. This chapter explores the various aspects of cloud computing and makes predictions as to the future directions for research in this area. Some of the issues facing the paradigm shift that cloud computing represents are discussed, and possible solutions presented.
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We have been already using cloud computing whenever we use free e-mail or for that matter do a search on the Internet. Thanks to the levels of transparency that cloud computing provides, the user is unaware of the thousands of clusters working behind the scene for her when an Internet search is done. The same idea of thousands of clusters doing the job transparently is now borrowed into cloud computing. Solving tough problems that involve large data and massive computation has traditionally been a forte of major business houses, such as Google. In fact, most of the Cloud Computing techniques evolved from the technologies used by Google (Chang 2010) and others in this area. This is no longer true with the advent of Cloud Computing. Even startups can enter the fray with minimal investment. The traditional datacenter with thousands of machine clusters typical of the environment in these big companies has transformed into the cloud, open to wider access and use.

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