Corporate Leadership and Corporate Culture in Start-Up Companies

Corporate Leadership and Corporate Culture in Start-Up Companies

Dimitrios Belias (University of Thessaly, Greece) and Ioannis Rossidis (University of Peloponnese, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8266-3.ch003
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A vital point of success for many companies is to develop a leadership that matches the culture of the employees to generate a high level of performance on startups. Currently, it is important to note that the startups have a very distinctive culture and way of working. Most of the employees are young and ambitious persons, something that affects their mentality and way of work. The aim of this research is to further investigate this issue and to draw conclusions on how leadership can create a culture that will boost the performance of startups. From the existing literature it seems that there is not clear evidence as to which leadership style fits best with the culture of startups, though the millennial employees require a flexible and loose culture. For this reason, this chapter concludes with a proposal for future research.
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There are many different views in terms of whether culture affects leadership and how or vice versa. For some authors, like Patimah (2017) argue that it is the culture which shapes leadership, while other researches are indicating the fact that leadership is a key factor which shapes culture and performance (Frolova & Mahmood, 2019). Indeed, the case of culture and leadership is a concept which has being investigated from many and different perspectives and on different situations. For example Belias et al (2019) have investigated this relationship on the case of front desk employees of hotels, while Mathew et al (2016) have investigated it from the perspective of the employees working on the advertising industry. Surely, the existing literature focus mostly on well-established sectors. However, besides of the controversy whether culture affects leadership or vice versa and buy also on the fact that startups is a rather new concept and many of them are managed from millenias which seems to have their own culture and way of doing business (Struckell, 2019), which needs further investigation so to solve the problems and issues arising from the lack of research on this field.

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