Defending Information Networks in Cyberspace: Some Notes on Security Needs

Defending Information Networks in Cyberspace: Some Notes on Security Needs

Alberto da Conceição Carneiro (Autonomous University of Lisbon, Portugal & Universidade Europeia, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0703-1.ch016
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The considerations of this chapter intend to address some concerns and highlight some of the major problems affecting the cyberspace. This chapter will focus on defensive attitudes and concerns pertaining to the cybersecurity issues. Part 1: Facing to cyberspace security opens the area of threats and the need of defensive attitudes. Part 2: Remembering Internet issues deals with known internet problems in what concerns cybersecurity as a generic term. In Part 3: Defensive Cybersecurity the focus is on the need to add more defensive features to security policies. Part 4: In the search of better solutions emphasizes the need to invest continuously in scientific research and the creation of more sophisticated processes in order to prevent new forms of attack and mitigate negative results.
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1 Facing Cyberspace Security

Our presence in cyberspace is directly related to the security of the information that circulates here. For this reason, our thoughts have to concentrate on threats, potential risks arising from the absence of security, and on the need to maintain data, privacy and other assets, developing defensive attitudes and proactive behaviors.

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