Epidemic Live Streaming

Epidemic Live Streaming

Diego Perino, Fabien Mathieu
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-831-5.ch013
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Epidemic algorithms have emerged as a simple, yet effective solution for disseminating live streaming contents to a large audience. Typically, the use of epidemic algorithms is motivated by the fact that they do not rely on a specific underlying structure to work, so they are very robust against network dynamics and volatility. However, the performance of these algorithms is still little understood. This chapter is intended as an introduction to epidemic live streaming. We propose some simple metrics to understand the behavior of a diffusion algorithm, and we use elementary diffusion schemes to understand the basics of the diffusion process, for both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. The approach that we propose mixes theoretical results, when available, with empirical observations in order to give the best possible insights.
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We consider a P2P system of n peers and a single source S. L is the set of peers so that |L|=n. The source receives a live streaming content from an entity external to the system. The purpose of the system is to use its resources (of both source and peers) to broadcast the stream to all peers in an efficient manner.

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