Fashion Blog's Engagement in the Customer Decision Making Process

Fashion Blog's Engagement in the Customer Decision Making Process

Teresa Sadaba (ISEM Fashion Business School-University of Navarra, Spain) and Patricia SanMiguel (ISEM Fashion Business School-University of Navarra, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0110-7.ch009


Little but increasing research has been done about the influence of blogs in the consumer decision-making process. This paper tries to shed some light on this new scenario, analyzing how bloggers are now a key player in the fashion industry, and explaining how they create a closer and more qualified relationship with customers, so they can be more influential. Based on a case study, and considering different approaches to bloggers influence, this article makes it clear that measuring the engagement between bloggers and readers is significant for brands and their marketing strategies with bloggers.
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Web 2.0, with its social and participatory characteristics, has generated virtual communities where users share their ideas, knowledge, experience, opinions and even media content, such as forums, wikis, social media, media sharing or blogs (Akritidis et al., 2009). When blogs appeared, the communication field witnessed a transformation. Blogs were perceived as a new form of journalism created by ordinary people in the late 1990’s (Findlay, 2015; Penttala & Saarela, 2012; Singer, 2005; Wall, 2005; Blood, 2002). The development of blogger activity has produced new ways to consider what blogs are and what they are useful for, considering their capacity to reach individual interests and to create communities around them. Rogers (2003) explains that mass media channels reach out to more people, but interpersonal channels, such as blogs, are much more effective in changing attitudes and influencing any decision to adopt or reject a new product.

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