The Global Knot: How Problems Tangle in the World’s Economy

The Global Knot: How Problems Tangle in the World’s Economy

Jon G. Hall (The Open University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-623-0.ch005
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This invited chapter offers a new view on the tangling of problems, and suggests a new problem solving approach to how they might be untangled, based on a complete taxonomy of their interelatedness, illustrated with examples of how economic value is or might be delivered by those involved in problem solving.
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“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…”

Sir Walter Scott


Tangled Problems Exist In The Business World Too

Meet Kate and Daniel—fun-loving small entrepreneurs—working full-time in organisations facing the credit crunch. They have lowered their expectations of job security. They pay their bills and taxes. They face an unsatisfactory educational and health system and choose independent schools and private healthcare for their children. They worry about green-house gases as much as anyone and want to do their bit. Their life is already a tangle of problems. But, in the spirit of innovation that characterises the best entrepreneurs, K&D make a molehill out of their mountain and begin an online energy-saving light-bulb web-store. Of course, K&D’s step on-line doesn’t solve their problems. Indeed for a short time it makes things much more complex: now their friends become potential customers, now they have to rely on their bank manager for advice and funds, now they have creditors and suppliers – some in the UK, some in Asia—legal and business advisors, an accountant, each of which has their own problems to solve.

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