Improving Customer Relationship Management Through Social Listening: A Case Study of an American Academic Library

Improving Customer Relationship Management Through Social Listening: A Case Study of an American Academic Library

Margaret C. Stewart (University of North Florida, USA), Maria Atilano (University of North Florida, USA) and Christa L. Arnold (University of North Florida, USA)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5619-0.ch011


In the dynamic world of social media strategy, developing an effective approach to customer relationship management (CRM) online is challenging. With best practices for CRM on social media still being uncovered, the value of social listening is becoming recognizable in contemporary social CRM. This chapter presents a case study that shares the actions, insights, and experiences of using social media for CRM at the academic library at a mid-size American university located in northeast Florida. Using specific examples of how social media is used to engage in social listening and to enhance CRM, the social listening practices and social media strategy of this library are highlighted in relation to how they influence and potentially improve CRM. By examining the practices of this individual institution's library, a better understanding of how academic libraries engage with customers using social media as a CRM platform comes to light. In addition, ideas for future research on the intersection of social listening, CRM, and social media strategy are discussed.
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Social media is changing the relationship between organizations and customers. As a result, social media platforms present unique opportunities for customer relationship management (CRM) and are becoming increasingly popular channels to deliver CRM. The dynamic nature of social media makes it difficult to establish guidelines and best practices for social media CRM. In this book chapter, an original case study presents how an American academic library uses social media for CRM practices, and emphasizes the role of social listening with the library’s social media strategy. The Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville initiated its social media presence in 2009, and is committed to strategically developing an effective social media strategy to best engage with all university stakeholders. This book chapter presents a detailed case study examining the library’s use of social media focusing on how social listening strategically contributes to CRM. This case study discusses the findings in consideration to two overarching questions: (1) How does an American academic library utilize social listening toward CRM strategy? (2) How does an American academic library engage in CRM using social media? Upon addressing these questions given the practices and social media of the UNF academic library, opportunities and suggestions for future research regarding social listening as a social media CRM strategy are posed.

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