Information and Knowledge Needs of Artisans in a Knowledge Society: A Case Study of Willow-Works Artisans in India

Information and Knowledge Needs of Artisans in a Knowledge Society: A Case Study of Willow-Works Artisans in India

Showkat Ahmad Wani
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8873-3.ch007
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The chapter demonstrates the concept of information, knowledge, and the knowledge society. Stress was given to highlight the information and knowledge needs of artisans, problems faced by them, and how they can achieve socio-economic development in a knowledge society. The particular ascent was given to highlight the perceptions and beliefs of willow-works artisans of district Ganderbal, India. The sample of 100 artisans was surveyed and it was founded that majority of them are between the age group of 20-40 years; 63% among them are educated (ranging from 5th–PG above), and there are both genders which practice willow-works, but the majority of them are males. Their tenet is that knowledge can change their standard of living, if there are provisions in knowledge society for creating and disseminating the new knowledge among these artisans pertinent to technology, scientific cultivation of raw materials, marketing, availability of new markets, and potential exploitation by entrepreneurs.
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Access to knowledge is, you know, a basic human right” (Elliot, 2014).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Problems and Issues of Artisans: The hindrances that bars the socio-economic development of artisans’ community.

Artisans and Craftsmen: Those people who possess artistic skills and apply the same for productions of art and craft items.

Worth of Artisans: The value an artisan in a society means worth of an artisan.

Knowledge societies: The societies where more emphasis is given to production, utilization, and distribution of new knowledge.

Beliefs and Perceptions of Willow-Works Artisans: The opinions and perceptions which willow-works artisans held regarding something (like, about knowledge society).

Social-Sustainable Development: The development of a society where standard of living is good and long durable.

Technological Diffusion: The deliberate attempt to acquaint the masses with new technologies.

Willow-Works Artisans: Those artisans who practise willow-works art/ craft.

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